Popular GOP Candidate Can’t Afford to Pay Staff; Have They Already Run Out Of Options?

Yikes! Seems awfully early to be having staffers work for gratis! I reckon he either hasn’t landed one of the big donors yet or his little donations are non-existent.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is finding it hard the second time around to make a lasting impression on Republican voters and donors. He hasn’t just stopped paying his presidential campaign staff in South Carolina, as National Journal reported Monday evening — he has stopped paying all staff, including his campaign headquarters in Austin, CBS News and The Washington Post report, citing unidentified Republicans “familiar with the Perry campaign.”

 The two worst campaigns of the cycle so far: Rick Perry & Rand Paul. Both should be dog-fighting for the top spot. Perry may be done already.

What I would like to know is how many people were being paid and the amount they were being paid. I’m willing to bet it wasn’t that much to begin with. Probably 90% volunteers and 10% paid, of which 50% were friends or family. In any case if you can’t afford to pay your employees, throw in the towel.

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Perry just barely failed to crack the top 10 in national polls of the crowded Republican presidential field, keeping him off the main stage at last week’s much-watched debate. His campaign announced in July that Perry had raised only around $1 million in about a month — though super PAC support pushed its total war chest to nearly $18 million.

Perry was a great governor, and he worked wonders for the Texas economy. People who criticize him are usually from states with failing economies. Their liberal policies do not work, so they lash out at those who have been successful.

That said, I think there are better choices for President. I wonder if any of the other 16 are having money issues?

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