Pop-Tarts Now Considering a Presidential Run – Polls Higher Than Hillary Clinton

Perhaps sensing that opposition to President Trump is going to mean anyone can get into the presidential field, Pop-Tarts playfully hinted that the beloved pastry would consider making a run for the White House in 2020.

The company’s official Twitter account posted an inquiry to their followers, seeking feedback on a possible candidacy. Specifically, they asked followers to “RT if you would support this endeavor.”

The posting has received thousands of retweets as of publication.

Pop-Tarts made their announcement shortly after news broke of an equally unlikely chain-store candidate possibly jumping into the fray. Howard Schultz is reportedly mulling an independent run that many in the Democrat Party fear because it would siphon off resistance votes.

Would an independent Pop-Tart run do the same?

Pop-Tarts Have Been Hinting at a Run

Prior to Monday morning’s tweet, the toaster-pastry company has been dropping hints at a possible run for public office.

It’s likely no coincidence that the company upped their public profile just weeks earlier when they announced that Pop-Tarts Cereal was back on the shelves at Walmart.

It seemed clear at the time – much like Hillary Clinton engaging in an international speaking tour to improve her public profile as 2020 rumors swirl – Pop-Tarts was trying to raise their brand awareness with the American voter.

Should Immediately Lead the Field

Depending on what flavor the company chooses as the face of their campaign, Pop-Tarts would likely shoot to the front of the pack when it comes to a candidate’s favorability ratings. (Or would they call it ‘flavorability?’)

If we’re looking at industry standards in pastry production – Strawberry or perhaps Brown Sugar Cinnamon – it’s a no-brainer. Should they put Vanilla Cupcake front and center, they might run into some trouble.

Maybe they’ll just run with the cereal? Pop-Tarts Cereal’s public perception already ranks well ahead of last election cycle’s Democrat candidate.

A poll from Survey Junkie indicates that 70 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Pop-Tarts Cereal, while just 30 percent view them negatively.

By contrast, Hillary’s favorability numbers, two years after her second defeat, indicate she remains extremely unlikable. In September of 2018, only 36 percent of the American people viewed her in a positive light.

Make no mistake, Pop-Tarts are not without controversy. In 2013, a second-grader in Maryland chewed his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, prompting school officials to suspend him.

Where does the company stand on Second Amendment issues in lieu of this controversy? Only time will tell.

Who Would Be the Running Mate?

With any presidential campaign comes rumors and speculation of a running mate. Who might be chosen to run alongside Pop-Tarts in an effort to take over the White House?

Some possible candidates have already turned down the offer. Steak-umm tweeted a hostile response indicating they too were considering their own independent run.

Others, such as Hostess Snacks, said they’d definitely consider a Tarts-Snacks ticket.

If you’re going to beat President Trump at his own game, however, the ticket will most assuredly need the presence of an equally ruthless individual. Someone who tweets without concern for their intended target. Who speaks truth to power.

With that, we humbly suggest Wendy’s …

That’s stone cold right there.

Regardless of who joins them, Pop-Tarts can make an immediate and delicious impact on the 2020 campaign. Or at the very least be a warning of how silly and ridiculous the next presidential race is going to be.

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