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Pompeo Confirms He Was On Phone Call With Trump And Ukraine

Shelby Talcott on October 2, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed Wednesday that he was on the July 25 phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Pompeo spoke at a press conference in Rome after being subpoenaed to testify by Democratic chairmen of three House committees on Sept. 27. The House of Representatives launched an official impeachment inquiry into Trump after a whistleblower complaint accused the president of asking Ukrainian officials to look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The subpoena follows reports that Pompeo was on the call, but Wednesday was the first time he confirmed the allegations. He dodged the question two weeks earlier while speaking to ABC’s Martha Raddatz on-air.

“As for was I on the phone call?” Pompeo told reporters in Rome. “I was on the phone call. The phone call was the context of – now, I guess I’d been a secretary of state for coming on a year and a half.”

“I know precisely what the American policy is with respect to Ukraine. It’s been remarkably consistent and we will continue to try to drive those set of outcomes.”

Pompeo continued on to explain why the phone call took place, noting that “it was about helping the Ukrainians to get graft out and corruption out,” noting that it is part of their job to do so.

“It’s what our team, including Ambassador Volker, were focused on, was taking down the threat that Russia poses there in Ukraine,” Pompeo said during the press conference. “It was about helping the Ukrainians to get graft out and corruption outside of their government and to help now this new government in the Ukraine build a successful thriving economy.”

The secretary of state has refused to comply with Congress’s subpoena because it “deeply violate[s] fundamental principles of separation of powers.” He added Wednesday that he “won’t tolerate folks on Capitol Hill bullying” employees of the State Department.

“The response that I provided to them was one that acknowledged that we will, of course, do our constitutional duty to cooperate with this co-equal branch,” Pompeo said. “But we are going to do so in a way that is consistent with the fundamental values of the American system.”

“And we won’t tolerate folks on Capitol Hill bullying, intimidating State Department employees. That’s unacceptable, and it’s not something that I’m going to permit to happen.”

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  • By all means, Democrats, keep doing what you're doing. Even die hard fans of yours are getting tired of you trying to find any dirt on Donald Trump and ignoring the people that voted for them. Doesn't matter who you put up against him in 2020, it should be a blowout worthy of the 49ers vs Chargers Super Bowl. And, BTW, isn't world peace and talking to other world leaders part of what the American President is suppose to do?

  • And try to drain "we the people" of all our money. Why do you think we can't ever get a budget passed? They are too busy spending our money on investigate Trump and being corrupt themselves. Enough of this and their racial and sex scandles.

  • Clearly the corruption being exposed in congress is pushing them to violate the basic rule of law, lie, fabricate, and bully to get rid of the one person who is presently pushing investigations into their very corruption and of which the members of congress are fully aware, even though the American people have so far seen only hints. But this illegal response makes it obvious there is a skunk in the closet that is about to let lose.

  • Pompeo deserves support as he goes after corruption in our deep state and investigates the coup enablers attached to Obama. I hope he takes a fresh look at Erick Holders giving or selling weapons to the Mexican Cartels.

  • So impeachment Trump, Kavanagh etc are just creations from leftist which are used to distract people from real issues

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