Pollster To Democrat Candidates In 2022: ‘We Have A Problem,’ Could Lose ‘A Ton Of Races’

A Democrat pollster tasked with performing an autopsy of voting trends following an election massacre endured by the party in Virginia has said he would tell 2022 midterm candidates, “we have a problem.”

Republicans swept statewide offices in the Old Dominion just last month.

The results led Third Way, a centrist group, to seek out pollster Brian Stryker, a Democrat, who discovered numerous issues with the party’s messaging and branding.

Stryker reportedly issued a memo on the focus group results which concentrated on voters who went with Biden in 2020 but flipped to Republican Glenn Youngkin just a year later.

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Pollster Warns Democrats Are In Trouble In 2022

Stryker, in an interview with the New York Times, said voters found Democrats were too focused on social issues and not enough on the economy, “laughed” at attempts to draw former President Trump into the race, and that the party’s problems are “probably deeper than a lot of people suspect.”

When asked by the newspaper what he would tell a Democratic client running in 2022, Stryker was rather blunt.

“I would tell them that we have a problem,” he said.

Stryker proceeded to address Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who lost to Youngkin, and his insistence on linking the Republican candidate to President Trump.

He suggested that tactic may have been the best McAuliffe had to offer, which isn’t saying much about his campaign, but it didn’t strike a chord with the voters because while they dislike Trump personally, they do not dislike his policies.

Stryker added that future candidates being compelled to run against a weak link to Trump will suffer the same fate.

“If we are in that position again, we’re going to lose a ton of races,” he warned. “We’ve got to have something better.”

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The Numbers Look Bad

Politico reported recently that one Democrat strategist who advises major donors responded to the gloomy news.

The strategist, they write, said minor victories on infrastructure and spending bills weren’t enough to save the party heading into 2022.

It’s “too late, we’re f***ed,” they allegedly said.

Politico also notes that presidential approval ratings are “a measure closely tied to a party’s performance in the midterms.”

A poll conducted in late November by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States shows President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 36.3%.

The latest data combined with the Virginia election results seem to join with the Democrat pollster’s assertion that the party is in serious trouble if they don’t turn things around before the 2022 midterm elections.


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