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As Polls Open In NY, Trump Just Received HORRIBLE NEWS! (Breaking)

trump lawsuit

As Republican voters head to the polls in the critical state of New York, conservative businessman Donald J. Trump was just hit with a MASSIVE Lawsuit!

He, along with his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, are being taken to court by a Republican strategist accusing them both of of defamation. She’s asking for $4 million!

A GOP strategist is suing Donald Trump and his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for falsely portraying her as a desperate job seeker who trashed the Republican presidential candidate in the media after she wasn’t hired for a communications director post, according to her $4 million defamation lawsuit.

The billionaire businessman’s tweets, calling strategist Cheri Jacobus “a real dummy” and a “major loser,” incited a “virtual mob against her,” with Trump’s Twitter followers calling the political operative “a whore” and posting graphic photo illustrations of her naked and being raped from behind, the suit says.

And the vitriol flowed from untrue claims that Jacobus, 56, wasn’t hired for a gig with the Trump campaign, according to court papers.

Jacobus’ suit includes Facebook messages from former Trump rep Jim Dornan recruiting her for the PR post in May 2015.

She met with Dornan and Lewandowski at the Trump Tower in New York last year, but turned down the job because of “boorish behavior by Lewandowski,” her Manhattan civil suit says.

Specifically, Lewandowski allegedly bragged about yelling at Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who just months later would become a public target of the brash businessman.

Via NY Post

Jacobus claims she never really applied for the job, and didn’t hold a grudge when she didn’t get it. She’s not happy that in February, Trump tweeted this to his 6 million followers:

Jacobus claims these Twitter insults lead to countless attacks and name-calling, including graphic illustrations of her being raped and sexually assaulted. The suit claims Jacobus stopped receiving media booking requests after the Tweets and personal attacks.

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