Poll Shows College Students Prefer the Most Socialist 2020 Candidates

According to an ongoing poll, college students support Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two of the most socialist candidates in the 2020 primaries, over most others.

Sanders and Warren Lead

The Chegg Election Tracker is a weekly survey that operates through College Pulse. Surveying more than 1,500 college students, it found that Sanders has 29 percent student support, while Elizabeth Warren clocks in right behind him with 22 percent.

Sanders and Warren have been huge advocates for big government programs such as Medicare-for-All and have proposed massive student debt relief programs.

“If you’re trying to connect with college students, you should really be focusing on what issues are important to them,” College Pulse CEO Terren Klein told Hill.TV.

The only other candidate with double digit support among students besides Sanders and Warren was former Vice President Joe Biden, who received 10 percent.

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Who Else Registered?

After this trio, only four 2020 Democrats registered, all in single digits. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg received nine percent support, former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke got seven percent, followed by California Sen. Kamala Harris at six percent, and businessman Andrew Yang at five.


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“Klein also estimated that the voter participation rates of students have risen as much as 80 percent from 2014 to 2018,” reports Campus Reform.

“Additionally, college students overwhelmingly said they preferred any Democrat candidate over sitting President Donald Trump,” Campus Reform notes. “Seventy percent said they would vote for any Democrat over the incumbent Republican, while only 23 percent said they would vote for Trump.”

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This Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

After years of liberal indoctrination in our nation’s colleges and universities, is it any surprise that more young people prefer the most socialist candidates? “Higher” learning today is often nothing more than Marxist reprogramming, where students are taught to look to government for every solution, while simultaneously replacing the values their parents taught them with the left religion of identity politics.

Like all socialists, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren promise the moon without any explanation of how their big government agenda will be paid for, and the cost is something they never seem to mention as if it doesn’t matter.

Newsflash: If socialist healthcare or universally free education or any of the other socialist dreams ever actually happened, guess who would pay for it?

The young people who seem to think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren might be good presidential material.

So go ahead young America, vote for the socialists. It’s your funeral.

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