Released Wednesday, the poll showed that a 57 percent  majority of veterans approve of Trump’s handling of the military, with 48 percent saying his policies have strengthened the military. Meanwhile, 41 percent disagreed, and 23 percent say the president has created a weaker military.

The poll consisted of 1,284 U.S. military veterans being asked about Trump’s performance and was conducted May 14-June 3, 2019.

64 percent said Trump respects veterans a “great deal” or a “fair amount,” while 38 percent disagreed.  Older veterans, 54 percent, were more likely than younger ones, only 40 percent, to say Trump respects veterans a “great deal.”


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Most Veterans Support Trump Across the Board

58 percent of veterans agree with Trump sending troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to deal with the illegal immigration crisis, 53 percent approved of his withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, and 52 percent supported the president’s transgender policy.

A majority of veterans approve of his handling of North Korea, NATO, and Russia, according to the poll.

Not surprisingly, opinions of Trump differed significantly along party lines.

Do you agree with how Trump is handling the military?

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A whopping 92 percent of Republican veterans said they approved of how Trump is handling the military, and so did 6 percent of veterans who are Democrat. 93 percent of Democrat veterans  disapproved of Trump.

Despite some of these numbers predictably fluctuating based on partisan leanings, that a majority of men and women who serve support Trump on military affairs is telling. These are the Americans who have risked the most for their country, and most would probably not hesitate to speak out against a president they saw as dishonoring their service.

So while Democrats, Hollywood and the radical left continue to reflexively bash literally every single thing Donald Trump does, they should probably take a cue from people who have done more for this country than they ever will, and give this president the respect he deserves.