Politico Columnist Says Ulysses Grant Can Show Joe Biden How To Put Down ‘Violent Insurrection’

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A columnist at Politico has suggested that President Joe Biden should take lessons from former Union General and President Ulysses S. Grant on putting down “violent insurrections.” 

The column was written by New York-based investigative journalist Casey Michel.

Trump Extremists = Confederacy? Seriously?

Michel writes, “The deadly siege of the Capitol in Washington, which sought to overturn a legitimate election by targeting lawmakers with assassination, was not the first attempted insurrection in American history.”

He is obviously comparing those who attacked Capitol Hill on January 6 with the Civil War, the Confederacy and Reconstruction-era violence.

Michel is upfront about the possible need to undermine civil liberties.

“Grant’s approach relied on a combination of brute military force and a drastic curtailment of civil liberties, yet it nevertheless has relevance for the current moment and contains lessons for lawmakers who fear that January 6 might have been only the first of widespread attacks on the government and elected officials at all levels, across large swaths of the nation,” Michel wrote.

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He expects more attacks. There have been none. There have been leftwing attacks in Seattle and Portland. Those are not addressed.

Michel continues, “Officials in our current era have many more legal tools at their disposal to combat such terrorism.”

Much of the column compares what Grant did to the Southern insurrectionists and how that could apply today with incidents similar the Capitol Hill riot.

But he does finally get to a point where he at least admits they are not the same thing.

Michel admits, “There is, of course, much that is different between the insurrectionists of Reconstruction and those of the Trump era.”

“The white supremacist insurrectionists of the 1870s focused on just one region — the South — while the Trumpian insurrectionists have no geographic restrictions,” Michel wrote.

So not only does it appear Trump supporters in general are being equated with the Confederacy, Michel is stoking the fear that attacks will break out nationwide.

Michel: ‘In Many Ways, The ‘Lost Cause’ Has Now Metamorphosed Into The ‘Trump Lost Cause’

Where have there been any other attacks since January 6?

He continued, “This explains why, in the immediate aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot, the FBI found it necessary to warn of potential attacks and insurrectionist activity on state capitols and federal buildings across the country.” 

Michel then outright compared the Confederacy to today’s environment.

“But if you squint, it’s not too difficult to see how the insurrections of the 1870s and of the 2020s share a clear lineage,” he wrote. “In many ways, the ‘Lost Cause’ has now metamorphosed into the ‘Trump Lost Cause.’”


Getting even more ridiculous, Michel wrote, “As I heard someone say, what we saw was that the Red Shirts of South Carolina have been replaced with the Red Hats of MAGA.”

It gets worse and worse as he goes on in his very long piece.

What Michel is essentially suggesting is that the civil liberties and basic rights of the 74 million who voted for Trump – Michel and others on the left seem to believe are potential terrorists – be suspended.

He’s talking about going to war with half of the country.

This Is Not Unity

Michel ends with, “Which leads to the second, and perhaps more important, lesson: follow-through.”

“Biden, his administration, and his allies in Congress must be clear: Any threats of violence, of insurrection, of aiding and abetting democratic overthrow, will be met with unswerving dedication to their prevention and prosecution,” he writes.

How are these things defined?

Michel explains, “That goes for an outgoing president claiming the election was stolen from him.”

Really? Is Nancy Pelosi going to have her rights denied for saying the 2016 election was “hijacked?

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“That goes for the far-right militias whining about not recognizing election outcomes,” he added.

Does that go for Hillary Clinton whining about election outcomes? How about the Washington Post?

Michel continues, “That goes for the any insurrectionists who may look at the events in Washington as a success, and who may thirst for more.” “

“Biden seems determined to take a stand and hold it,” Michel finishes.

Didn’t Joe Biden say he wanted “unity?”

Because planning a new civil war isn’t it.

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