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The Political Insider’s Wayne Dupree Among 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans

Newsmax has just released their list of the 50 most influential African-American Republicans, and what a list it is.

Aside from some of the expected names to make the list, such as Dr. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas and Alveda King, The Political Insider’s Wayne Dupree has made the list, coming in at #48.

Newsmax describes Dupree as an “Air Force veteran and talk radio host with a Tea Party vision of less government, lower taxes, and protection of constitutional freedoms, Dupree founded the grassroots online radio network, We Are America Radio, which is bringing newer voices to conservative dialogue.”

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The Baltimore-based Dupree, a family man and military veteran, was the 2015 CPAC Blogger of the Year, is a featured writer and video content producer for The Political Insider, providing expert insight and analysis.

In addition, Dupree was awarded the 2014 Podcast of the Year by CPAC and was named to the Board of Directors of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. He is also a national speaker for Tea Party Express and a nationally syndicated radio host for CRN Digital Talk out of Los Angeles.

Wayne is also a member of Project 21, a black leadership network.

In addition to his written and video presence on The Political Insider, Dupree has more than 300,000 Facebook followers, 160,000 Twitter followers, and his personal website is a driving force in the conservative movement.

Wayne Dupree and other independent, alternative voices are having a tremendous impact on the political discussion. Wayne’s independence and insight provides a fresh perspective to the traditional, liberal, establishment media that has dominated for so long, and silenced anyone with a different opinion.

Wayne is a driving force in helping to transform conservative media and bring new voices and perspectives into the spotlight.

Congratulations to The Political Insider’s Wayne Dupree on being named one of Newsmax’s most influential African-American Republicans!