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Political Establishment CHEATED – Stole Iowa Caucus From Donald Trump! (BOMBSHELL)

Iowa Caucus

Donald Trump came in second place last night in the Iowa Caucus… but expectations were that he could win. However, more evidence is being revealed that shows Donald Trump had the deck stacked against him by the political establishment.

First, there were concerns about Microsoft being in charge of counting the caucus votes. Now, it appears in many precincts, the voting process was wildly disorganized. Biased judges and the ability for repeat voting ended up with many Trump supporters who were new to the process very frustrated with the political establishment’s inability to run fair caucus votes.

As Tina Hessel, an Iowa caucus-attendee and Trump supporter, posted on Facebook:

Iowa Caucus

In addition, as Dr. Ben Carson noted, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was playing dirty by actively telling Republicans in Iowa that Dr. Ben Carson just dropped out of the race in hopes they would vote for Cruz instead.

“I was reasonably happy today, until I, you know, discovered the dirty tricks going on — spreading rumors I had dropped out,” Carson said on Monday night. The campaign told MSNBC they’d had “confirmed reports” of Cruz supporters telling voters at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out of the race.” […]

“That’s the reason I got into this race, looking at the level of deceit and distrust going on in country,” Carson told supporters.

The campaign is pointing to a tweet from Rep. Steve King, who endorsed Carson, as evidence. The tweet was sent at 8:20pm EST, when Iowans were already at caucus sites.

King was retweeting a report that the doctor was heading to Florida for a day. Carson said earlier in the night he was going home to grab some “fresh clothes,” but told reporters not to read into it.

Via NBC News

Although not reported by the mainstream media, Cruz’s campaign was sending targeted emails to Republicans in Iowa about Dr. Carson, implying he would make a “big announcement.” The email (pictured below) is wildly deceitful, as Dr. Carson is not dropping out. In fact, even with these dirty tricks he came in 4th place, but Cruz clearly played dirty in his victory. A morning host on MSNBC questioned Team Cruz about these dirty tactics live on-air, and it’s clear what they were saying about Dr. Carson was intentionally misleading.

Iowa Caucus

But Trump’s loss isn’t significant. The upcoming primaries aren’t are complex and controlled… and Trump pulls support from many demographics that typically don’t vote for Republicans… such as Democrats in the South, Appalachia, and the industrial North. In fact, a full 20% of Democrats would switch parties if Trump was the GOP nominee… along with 25.9% of independents.

Here’s Mr. Trump thanking his Iowa supporters, and saying “On to New Hampshire!”

With such overwhelming support for Trump, the political establishment may have injured him in Iowa… But they can’t beat him nationally.

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