Police Report Reveals Man Rammed Vehicle Into Republican Tent Because ‘He Does Not Like Trump’

A police report has been made public in the case of a man who plowed his van into a tent being operated by Trump Victory volunteers in Florida.

The incident report makes it quite clear that the man carried out his actions due to hatred for the President and his supporters.

“The suspect advised that he does not like President Trump and that is part of [reason],” the document reads. “He advised the other reason was because ‘it’s like someone s***ting on your grave.'”

Upon questioning by law enforcement, the suspect said he had committed the attack because “someone had to take a stand.”

The report also reveals some harrowing details about the attack, noting that victims narrowly escaped serious injury by moving “out of the way quickly in order to prevent themselves from being struck by the vehicle.”

The suspect plowed through the tent anyway, destroying it, the tables and chairs, then got out of the vehicle, “flipped them off,” and drove away.

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Where’s the Coverage?

As noted by our colleague here at The Political Insider, several prominent Republican figures have been criticizing the mainstream media for not covering the attack.

Most notable of the critics is President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

“The [media’s] silence was deafening,” Trump Jr. told Fox & Friends. “The violence against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters is so prevalent and so underreported, if at all.”

The President himself taunted the suspect, advising him that law enforcement had been notified shortly after the attack and that he better “be careful tough guy(s) who you play with!”

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Republicans Pounce

That said, the media did finally cover the story and of course went with an old standby angle – ‘Republicans pounce!’

A headline in Politico claimed, “Republicans vow ‘revenge’ at ballot box after volunteers nearly hit by van.”

What a thing of beauty that headline is. Media bias 101.

Aside from focusing on the revenge aspect – a phrase used by the Duval County Republican Party in response to the attack – they make it sound like a rogue van drove out of control and struck the tent!

It wasn’t the vehicle that tried to run over Trump supporters – it was a sick individual who hates the President.

As for the ‘revenge’ comment, the party chair in that area said, and we quote: “The best revenge is victory. Righteous peaceful victory in November for President Trump and all Republican candidates.”

That is hardly the dark and devious manner in which the media tried to portray the response.

If this incident involved a Republican attacking Democrats, there would be blanket coverage with cable news pushing that President Trump’s rhetoric is somehow to blame.

Trump would have been asked to denounce the violence from his own supporters. But because it was a Democrat attacking Republicans, crickets…

Did you hear one single Democrat presidential candidate asked about what happened in Florida? Do you think they ever will be confronted?

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