Hilarious Police Parody of Stephen King’s “It” Goes Viral

A modern remake of Stephen King’s “It” hit the theaters last week, and it’s been a major boon for the film industry after a historically slow summer showing. Opening with an unprecedented $123 million weekend at the box office, the movie set the record for the largest opening weekend for a September release in history. For some perspective, in second place is 2015’s Hotel Transylvania, which brought in $48.5 million.

Just as the film went viral – so did a satirical photo released by the Lincoln Police Department, poking fun at a particularly popular police stereotype. The photo shows four officers, with one following a line of doughnuts down a storm drain. The familiar sights of a clown and a floating red balloon round out the image.

The clown that serves as the film’s main antagonist is seen from the grate, saying “Hey guys, I have donuts down here.”

Ok, Gainesville had the “hot cops” and Loudon had the “cop on a bucket” so the Lincoln (CA) Police Department decided to join the fun.

Clown – “Hey guys, I have donuts down here!”

Posted by Lincoln Police Department on Friday, September 15, 2017

The photo has been shared on Facebook over 180,000 times, and they’re not the only police officers to get a few laughs out of “It.”

Check out what other police forces are doing around the country to celebrate the movie:

Last year, when there was an abundance of creepy clown sightings around the country, a Massachusetts police department issued a hilarious PSA, warning residents against participating in the craze.

The video, published by the Dartmouth Police Department, began with an officer pulling up to a park in his squad car, asking a woman if she was “the one who reported a suspicious person in the area.”

The woman tells the officer that a clown “popped out of the woods” and scared her daughter half to death.

The officer finds the clown, and asks him if he was the clown scaring kids.

“Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t,” the clown replies. “What are you going to do about it?”

The ending makes the video:

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