Police Officer Mocks ‘Defund The Police’ Protesters After They Request Security

A viral video posted to TikTok this past weekend shows an officer having a good laugh over a group of ‘defund the police’ protesters requesting security for their event.

The officer, whose badge is not visible in the video, can hardly contain his smile as he points out the irony.

“So I come in this morning and we’re informed there’s going to be a protest to ‘defund the police.’ Well, that’s fine, I like protests,” he says into the camera.

“Except they requested a police presence. You know, for their safety … at the ‘defund the police’ event,” he reiterates.

Finally, he says, “I s*** you not.”

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Defend the Police

Rioters on the street have been calling for a movement to ‘defund the police’ for obvious reasons – they’re committing arsons, acts of terrorism, and general looting all in the name of justice.

They’re not exactly big fans of law and order.

These same rioters are being incited – irresponsibly – by radical Democrats who have chosen a platform of lawlessness as we approach the 2020 election.

Comedian Bill Maher has said the phrase itself shows Democrats are “f***ing stupid about politics,” while the mother of Trayvon Martin has called for the exact opposites action in the wake of racial tensions.

“I think we need more police,” she declared. “We need police with better standards, and police with better ethics and better work habits.”

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This isn’t the first time liberals have been called out for their raging hypocrisy.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders showed up to a 2018 anti-gun rally in Washington, D.C., and he brought a few armed guards with him.

Just a couple of weeks later, at the ‘March For Our Lives,’ security was in high demand at a rally seeking to ban guns in America.

A reporter for the Daily Caller wrote, “Each celebrity speaker and high school activist who took the stage to give an impassioned speech condemning firearms was themselves protected by a wide arsenal of firearms.”

Later that summer, the NRA mocked anti-gun zealot David Hogg for having his own armed security at a protest outside their headquarters.

And here we have cop-hating leftists demanding protection from … well … cops.

Conservative actor James Woods has recently responded to the movement to defund the police by saying advocates should just “opt-out” of police protection if they don’t want it.

Time to put your money where your mouth is, anti-police activists.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, and more.

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  • Ummm, the police motto on many cities' police cars is "Serve and protect". In writing, on the doors for all to see. That's a legal contract, actually.

  • Defund the Police?, NO! DefEnd the Police!
    I've suggested REQUIRING a Police Department's (choose a city) ENTIRE STAFF (Patrol Officers, Detectives, Chiefs, Investigators, Desk Sergeants, Clerical staff, Janitorial staff, Dispatchers) take a MANDATORY two week vacation starting July 15th to August 1. I'm sure every staff member has at least two weeks vacation time. That way that particular city could experience their own form of Police-Free law UN-enforced activity.
    Burglary, call a ..., can't do that.
    Arson, call a ... can't do that.
    Rape, call a ... nope, not that too.
    Auto collision, same thing.
    Domestic violence ... oops, too bad.
    Assault (because your neighbor's grass clippings blew into your yard), ... well, the bigger neighbor wins.
    And think of all the overtime that the ENTIRE department would get for cleaning up that whole mess when they get back.
    Funeral parlors would coincidentally benefit.
    Not my idea of the Utopia those morons want.

  • The chief has to make a big deal about what the cop said(cause of the whiny left)..I hope when the chief talks to him..he shakes his finger at him and says "don't be doing that again."
    The cop had every right to voice his opinion about being at a defund the police rally. I would say working at a defund protester's rally puts the cops in danger..There could be someone there with a gun. A group could knock down a cop then beat him/her up.
    I remember when there was a Trump rally in San Jose CA the cops were told to stand down don't help the people who were getting roughed up. The chief and the mayor were behind that. I want to say I think the mayor met with hillary at about that time.
    It's it funny the left can point out the laws that regulate the cops..yet they don't point out what laws the protesters have broken.

    • As I see it, one of, if not the, biggest problem we have is the liberal takeover of our educational institutions. I recall,, years ago, if a teacher reprimanded a child with a reprimand as simple as "Johnny don't do that again" the reply most most likely, was "yes mam, I won't". But then things started to change. A movement by the teachers to not be responsible for disciplining the children was started. Mostly because liberal parents demanded teachers "leave their children alone". Under the change, a teacher wouldn't bother to correct or even attempt to correct an unruly child's behavior. It wasn't in their best interest because now they had to argue with an administration who had no interest in supporting the teachers views. Now under the newer progressive guidelines you might witness a situation where the teacher tells Johnny not do something and his response might be "you can't tell me what to do". Don't laugh, I've seen it happen. Over and over again. The Teachers were only too glad to give up their role as disciplinarians and just send the kids to the principle instead of trying to correct bad behavior. Under the new guide lines a teacher passes a group of kids smoking marijuana, or gambling, or any other offensive behavior they pretend not to notice it. Too much trouble. So now you have schools so loosely regulated (regarding student behavior) you are turning out far left progressive students perfectly trained to accept left wing ideology.
  • These places that want no police, but then want protection? Drop in a bunch of sling shots from a helicopter, and tell them, they're on their own.

  • I think that the Media might be on the Socialist side as well ! OMG, what has happened to OUR AMERICA ?

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