A viral video posted to TikTok this past weekend shows an officer having a good laugh over a group of ‘defund the police’ protesters requesting security for their event.

The officer, whose badge is not visible in the video, can hardly contain his smile as he points out the irony.

“So I come in this morning and we’re informed there’s going to be a protest to ‘defund the police.’ Well, that’s fine, I like protests,” he says into the camera.

“Except they requested a police presence. You know, for their safety … at the ‘defund the police’ event,” he reiterates.

Finally, he says, “I s*** you not.”

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Defend the Police

Rioters on the street have been calling for a movement to ‘defund the police’ for obvious reasons – they’re committing arsons, acts of terrorism, and general looting all in the name of justice.

They’re not exactly big fans of law and order.

These same rioters are being incited – irresponsibly – by radical Democrats who have chosen a platform of lawlessness as we approach the 2020 election.

Comedian Bill Maher has said the phrase itself shows Democrats are “f***ing stupid about politics,” while the mother of Trayvon Martin has called for the exact opposites action in the wake of racial tensions.

“I think we need more police,” she declared. “We need police with better standards, and police with better ethics and better work habits.”

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This isn’t the first time liberals have been called out for their raging hypocrisy.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders showed up to a 2018 anti-gun rally in Washington, D.C., and he brought a few armed guards with him.

Just a couple of weeks later, at the ‘March For Our Lives,’ security was in high demand at a rally seeking to ban guns in America.

A reporter for the Daily Caller wrote, “Each celebrity speaker and high school activist who took the stage to give an impassioned speech condemning firearms was themselves protected by a wide arsenal of firearms.”

Later that summer, the NRA mocked anti-gun zealot David Hogg for having his own armed security at a protest outside their headquarters.

And here we have cop-hating leftists demanding protection from … well … cops.

Conservative actor James Woods has recently responded to the movement to defund the police by saying advocates should just “opt-out” of police protection if they don’t want it.

Time to put your money where your mouth is, anti-police activists.