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Please Pray – Chick-fil-A Just Received Tragic News – This is VERY SAD


Officials of Chick-fil-A have announced Jeannette McNeil Cathy, the wife of the restaurant chain’s late founder, Truett Cathy, has died. She was 92.

The restaurant chain we love serves delicious sandwiches. They are also a company run by Christian conservatives who stand up for traditional values.

Jeannette attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and married Truett Cathy in 1948. The two met when she was 8 years old! Their love was meant to be.

She supported Truett Cathy while he worked to support the Chick-fil-A brand in 1967. He credited her for strengthening his Christian faith, which is why every one of their chain stores are closed on Sundays.

Dan T. Cathy, the couple’s oldest son, serves as president and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Cathy says his mother was the family’s “spiritual nucleus and encourager.”

May God Bless the Cathy family at this sad time. They deserve our prayers and support.