Piers Morgan Reveals Scary Reason Why President Trump Covers His Water

During an interview with “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan sharp-eyed viewers noticed something a bit odd about a glass of water sitting on the table next to President Trump.

A piece of paper was covering the glass the entire time, with Trump replacing it in between sips.

Graeme Demianyk, a reporter for HuffPost UK, was quite enthralled with the glass, posting an image of it on social media.

“He’s covered the top of his water glass with the paper coaster thing,” one viewer wrote. “That is proper paranoid. Does he think Piers is going to lace his drink?”

Morgan has now come forward to suggest that the fear of being poisoned is exactly why the President’s water had been covered.

He explained to viewers that there is one staff member dedicated solely to dealing with the ‘presidential water.’

“One woman who came in, working for the White House for years – she said she’s here for the presidential water – it’s my job to supply the water,” Morgan explained.

And supplying that water is quite an elaborate procedure.

“She gets a glass and pours a glass of the presidential water in and then she produces a presidential seal napkin and a presidential seal cover – she then placed them [over the water],” he recalled.

It isn’t just about germs, according to Morgan. There is a genuine concern about preventing any attempts to poison President Trump.

“It happens for every president – it’s all about the president protected,” he said. “From germs that might incapacitate him – but predominantly from being poisoned.”

Liberals were quick to jump at the opportunity to paint the President as paranoid for having his water protected. Considering the level of vitriol against Trump currently in this country, as well as Republicans, in general, having been the victims of violence – a shooting at a softball field (Alexandria) and a physical assault (Rand Paul) – is it any wonder there’d be some concern?

As Morgan points out, however, “it happens for every president.”

Should President Trump be concerned about being poisoned? Tell us what you think below!

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • with the corruption he is up against, there is no wonder he is cautious !! I would be too. there are enough bodies in the DNC wake of crime !! Look at Kennedy and Reagan. Look at those agents that were found dead while investigating the DNC...

  • the demon-craps would be my first guess.... second, DACA kids......third, Kim dung Un and lastly the Russians my last guess......LOL!!!!

  • Don't be paranoid. I am a little nobody and live with my wife only - who I do trust of course - and I do cover my glass all the time make sure nothing will fall into it - dust, some little flying insect etc. What's wrong with it? If somebody wants to poison the president's water, doesn't take to much to lift the cover does it? It should be some more sophisticated way to protect him against some last-ditch assassin.

  • Since the Deep State has tried in every way to get rid of Trump even suggesting assassination as a plan, I would cover my water too. Trump is very intelligent & he knows they would stoop to any means to get rid of him. I pray God protects him & his family on every front! After decades of corruption from both Bush’s, Clinton’s & Obama, Trump is America’s last hope! Keep on draining the swamp Mr President & MAGA!!!

    • President Trump isn't stupid (like the democraps) and is smart to cover is water glass!! I, just like you pray for him and his family and our great Country!! His SOTU speech was awesome and who gives a rats a$$ that the democraps didn't clap or stand, they are all traitors and liars and not worth crossing the street to spit on if they were on fire!! Send them all to Gitmo!! MAGA Mr. President!!

  • I just turned 63 years old. The very first President I can remember is JFK. I remember his assassination. I have never, ever, in my life seen what we have experienced w/Donald Trump. Never. Never. And I hope that I never do again. It was almost like people thought that, but the sheer force of their protest they could force him out of office! If they wept, wailed and screamed long enough, Mr.Trump or SOMEONE would come out and just say, "oops, sorry, my bad, didn't realize that you felt this way. Trump's gonna move on and we'll do it over. Never mind about legal provision and that sort of thing.."
    Having said all that, I really could not blame Trump for one minute for taking precautions against poison!! HE REALLY IS NOT STUPID!

  • Now this is what I call really really good reporting, with all the turds flying around all you have to report on is the Presidents water. I personally think that all the media buildings should be turned into homeless shelters and let them do the news if for sure would be more accurate and I would bet better entertainment....

  • I like to cover my own glass, too. Does every little thing have to set the liberal fascists off? OMG..those people need to get a life.

    Is there no civil war in Syria? How's it going in Yemen? What is the Ayatollah up to? The little twit in NK must have stopped starving his people and our warriors must be home from Afghanistan BECAUSE no one is finding anything worth reporting. Oh, yes, there was a tenement fire here and a flood there, but there is no much news yet to be covered while the MSM nitpicks...bunch of damned monkeys.

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