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Major Terror Plot Foiled In This Big American City!

On the heels of major terror attacks across the world, we were close to having one in Phoenix, Arizona. Luckily authorities were able to intervene before anything serious happened.
Via Associated Press

A Tucson man has been arrested by the FBI and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for threatening to commit acts of terrorism on Arizona government buildings.

The Attorney General’s Office says 18-year-old Mahin Khan appeared before a Phoenix judge Saturday morning.

He was ordered held without bond in Maricopa County Jail.

Khan faces two counts of conspiracy to commit terrorism and terrorism.

Arizona Attorney General spokeswoman Mia Garcia says Khan is accused of conspiring to carry out terrorism acts on government buildings in Phoenix and Tucson.

I have a feeling it will come out that the FBI was tracking this kid from the beginning, and he really never posed a thread. But you can never be too careful.

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