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Perfect “Why I Don’t Hire Democrats Joke” – This Is So True!

Business owners have to make challenging decisions everyday, which is why so many are conservatives. The last thing they need are entitled Bernie Sanders-voting employees with no work ethic.

This joke is spot on. You have to read this…

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.17.47 AM

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This describes liberals – and especially liberal “millennials” – perfectly. Too many left-wingers in the work force have a sense of entitlement, because they were falsely taught the world owes them something. The horrible public education system helped create this serious problem.

Then while it’s only wealthy businessmen who create jobs, they insult them by calling them the “1 percent” and demand their hard-earned profits be redistributed through Socialist policies.

This mindset is so common, that it’s frequently a challenge for employers to find workers that are worth investing in.

In the mean time, as the minimum wage is increased, service jobs are replaced by computers and robots as it’s no longer worth the expense for entry level jobs. Instead of gaining valuable experience and skills, they remain unemployed and on welfare.

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