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Nuclear Plant Loses Power For This Bizarre Reason

Indian Point, on the Hudson River 24 miles north of New York City, was the subject of a shutdown in December thanks to bird excrement causing a breaker to trip.

Residents of update New York went into a panic when power from their local nuclear reactor shutdown

The reason why it happened isn’t as serious, though


An errant bird dropping appears to have caused the temporary shutdown of part of the Indian Point nuclear plant in upstate New York.

A report by Entergy, the site operator, pointed the finger at a bird “streamer” — colorfully explained in the document as “long streams of excrement from large birds that are often expelled as a bird takes off from a perch” — as the cause of the shutdown, which tripped a safety breaker and took a reactor at the site out of commission for three days in December.

Nuclear energy is FOR THE BIRDS!

Birds sure do amazing and weird things sometime.