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People Noticed Something SHOCKING About Obama’s Visit To Vietnam – DO YOU SEE IT?!?!

obama vietnam

President Barack Obama is spending his last few months in office apologizing to the world for America. Now, he’s in Vietnam, and when he stepped off the plane, reporters immediately noticed something shocking. Can you see it (below)??

It’s bad enough that President Barack Obama wants to ban all guns from American citizens while lifting the Vietnam War-era arms embargo on the communist nation. Now, he’s meeting with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang in front of the bust of communist Ho Chi Minh, a mass-murderer who was responsible for millions of deaths, including more than 60,000 Americans.

This is outrageous:

As Politico reports, Obama didn’t seem to mind the bust and it’s not going anywhere:

And it’s a message delivered to a Communist Party that greeted him at its headquarters Monday afternoon in a cavernous, red-carpeted room under a giant gold bust of Ho Chi Minh that seemed quite confident that it’s not going anywhere or changing its approach any time soon, despite Obama’s nudging jabs, including pointing out publicly in a meeting with civil activists Monday that “there were several other activists who were invited who were prevented from coming for various reasons.”

“I think it’s an indication of the fact that, although there has been some modest progress and it is our hope that through some of the legal reforms that are being drafted and passed there will be more progress, there are still folks who find it very difficult to assemble and organize peacefully around issues that they care deeply about,” Obama said.

The renewed relationship between America and Vietnam, Obama said in his big speech, should be a model of cooperation around the world in the 21st century — “mindful of the past, mindful of the difficult past, but focused on the future.”

Ho Chi Minh had a hand in the deaths of millions in Vietnam, Cambodian, and Laos. They were starved to death, murdered, and “reeducated” to death.

There is the President of America, talking about the future while speaking in front of a bust of one of the most deadly men in history. How shameful!

What do you think about Obama posing in front of a bust of Ho Chi Minh? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.