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Pennsylvania State Rep Horrifies Democrats With Opening Prayer, ‘At The Name Of Jesus Every Knee Will Bow’

Joshua Gill on March 26, 2019

Republican Pennsylvania State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz outraged democrats by mentioning Jesus 13 times in her invocation on the day of Pennsylvania’s first female Muslim representative’s swearing-in.

Borowicz thanked Jesus, “the King of Kings; the Lord of lords; the great I Am; the one who’s coming back again; the one who came, died, and rose again on the third day,” for the honor of being his ambassador, asked forgiveness on behalf of America for forgetting him and for him to heal the country, praised him for President Donald Trump’s support of Israel and declared that “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow.”

Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first female Muslim representative in the state’s legislature, decried the Monday prayer as offensive, as did state Democratic leadership.

“I thought that for the most part, the entire invocation was offensive,” Johnson-Harrell said, according to The Associated Press.

Johnson-Harrell also asserted that Borowicz used Jesus “as a weapon” to target her because she is Muslim.

“I knew I was going to receive some discrimination because of my religion,” Johnson-Harrell said according to WHYY. “Because I’m a hijabi woman. And I am the first…but I did not think it would come on the actual day of my swearing-in.”

An Islamic prayer called Takbir was recited before the legislature during Johnson-Harrell’s swearing-in, but ended just before the prayer’s traditional last linewhich repudiates the belief that God begat a son, and therefore rejects the Christian understanding of Jesus.

House Minority Leader Frank Dermody also denounced Borowicz’s prayer as “beneath the dignity of this House.”

Dermody proposed developing guidelines to ensure that the prayer delivered before voting sessions will be one that “is meant to inspire us, that is meant to bring us together so we can have, at least, an opportunity at the beginning of the day to think sure that we can get something done here together.”

Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf also decried the prayer.

The state’s legislature, by contrast, applauded Muslim Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Jason Dawkins’ Tuesday invocation in which he recited from the Koran.

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  • to me,, all religions are like penises, nice to have, nice to be able to use it, but never try to shove it down other peoples throats. and as forrest gump said, that's all i have to say about that.

  • not by fucking much anymore.same with canada, the death knells are sounding people, be aware and ready.

  • what is happening to america?muslims in our government,i thought it was against the law for them to hold office in the united states of america.did we not fought them over seas in iran.stand on my doorstep to shot for breaking an entering.

  • bet if it was islimic, there would never have been a peep. get ready people, your armageddan is about to start.

  • Blue 8 Ball... When you are dying and ask God for his forgiveness then maybe you will understand..

  • You folks are so easily triggered....my opinions are based on being 63 years old and having lived through many years of harmony between Israel and the US...by propaganda, do you mean my opinion? If we are to hang onto the past transgressions of any of our allies...we wouldn't have any. Israel is just about the only Country in that region that is our ally....the United States has done injustices to our allies through our long history as a Nation and yet we have settled those injustices and moved on. To live in the past and not offer resolution for a better future, is failure. As A Christian I believe what I believe...our hardest lesson is forgiveness..to an individual or a Country. You can choose to live in the past and never move forward...or you can take the lessons learned and pass them on for a better future. I know the history of both Nations, thank you...I hope you didn't get a cramp reiterating it to me. I do not hold bigotry against any religion...with exception to one which I believe is not a religion at all, but an evil ideology which does indeed embrace religious and world domination....a different subject for another day. :-)

  • I can't decide which is worse. The Democrats who denounce Christian prayer while at the same time embracing Islamic Koran passages, or Stephanie Borowicz praising Jesus, yet at the same time praising Trumps support of Israel when Israel is the unholy Zionist police state created by Talmudic Jews who are the ones who killed Jesus after he kicked them out of the temple, and have been trying to destroy Christianity for the last 2,000 years, including the killing of 40 million Russian Orthodox Christians by Jewish Bolsheviks (funded by the likes of Jewish/American banker Jacob Schiff) in the largest mass murder in the history of the world.

  • Stop with the propaganda Schlomo, no goyim here. Jesus kicked the Pharisees, the original Talmudic Jews, out of the temple for their money lending and their wickidness, and Talmudic Jews not only rejected Jesus and killed him, but they spent the next 2,000 years trying to destroy Christianity and enslave their "goyim" through every underhanded scheme they could could up with. Included in this was the killing of 40 million Russian and Ukranian Orthodox Christians by the barbaric Jewish Bolsheviks who destroyed 500 years of Christian rule in Russia with the help of Zionist lunatics like Jacob Schiff and his boy Lev Bronstein. Real Torah Jews have rejected Israel as the evil satanic death cult that it is, and the terrorist and illegitimate state of Israel has done nothing but kill, maim, and create misery to not only it's neighbors and the rightful owners of the land they stole, but the entire world. Meanwhile, their elitist central banking cabal has caused the majority of Christian America to suffer as their fiat currency schemes makes everybody poor. God Bless the 34 murdered US serviceman who died during an unprovoked attack on the USS LIBERTY by Israeli jets and torpedoes, as they attempted yet another false flag event to involve our beautiful American soldiers to die as mercenarries to plunder yet another Middle East nation.

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