On Thursday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi refused to answer questions from the media about when she will send articles of impeachment to the Senate a day after she was so happy to get them passed.

“Our Founders, when they wrote the Constitution, they suspected that there could be a rogue president. I don’t think they suspected that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the Senate at the same time,” Pelosi said Thursday.

The media told her about Republican criticism regarding holding the articles of impeachment from the Senate, and she said: “Frankly, I don’t care what the Republicans say.”

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Ah. The President is “corrupt.” The Senate Leader is “corrupt.” The Attorney General is “corrupt.” And the 63 million American citizens who voted for Trump are “racists” and “corrupt.” And I guess Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff along with former FBI Director James Comey who are the honest and honorable ones.

How could anyone argue with that? I mean, look at how they’ve conducted themselves the past 3 years and especially the last six months. This woman is completely unhinged. I hope she isn’t still driving.

It is very interesting that we just got the IG report which exposed once again a rogue FBI, rogue Obama administration in collusion with some of her Pelosi’s colleagues tried to affect the 2016 election (and overturn it) through nefarious means (spying on Trump, etc.).

Let’s examine this once again. Pelosi is now hilariously threatening to withhold her articles of impeachment of President Trump from the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, U.S. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has already stated that he is compelled to hold a Senate impeachment trial upon receipt of the articles of impeachment passed by the House:

“I would have no choice but to take it up…how long you’re on it is a whole different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up, based on a Senate rule on impeachment.”

On the other hand, McConnell is under no requirement to conduct an impeachment trial unless Pelosi forwards her articles of impeachment on to the Senate. McConnell should just continue going about the business of the U.S. Senate, including the establishment of the rules for any impeachment trial as determined by the Majority Leader and his GOP U.S. Senate caucus.

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Then, if Pelosi ever sends McConnell articles of impeachment, there will be a Senate trial. If not, there won’t be a trial. I don’t see a problem here other than a self-inflicted one for the Democratic Party. As I said, Pelosi is hilarious, isn’t she?

A friend of mine told me the other day how he thought the impeachment timing was an attempt to blunt the damage from the worst scandal in American history. Abuse of power? What would you call enlisting foreign agents, FBI and CIA to spy on the Trump campaign, leak propaganda to the complicit media, and lie about it for three years to the public and because Trump tried to expose what they did in Ukraine, they impeach him to cover up their crimes.

This is far worse than Watergate (or any other scandal).

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