Rep. Nancy Pelosi wants to win the 2020 races by Thanksgiving of 2019, which means she wants things locked up and ready to go.

Nancy’s anti-Trump rhetoric – but no message and nothing positive to say about the issues – will not win the 2020 election, but even a blind man could see that.

According to the Washington Post, Pelosi believes Republicans seats will be in danger if Democrat incumbents have a strong presence at home utilizing town halls, and forcing the freshmen lawmakers to raise money in huge amounts for their re-elections.

Pelosi also had this advice for her members:

You cannot let your opponents characterize — mischaracterize — what you’re about, so, what was missing from that was a strong messaging piece, and that’s what we had in this last election.”

“We fully intend to win this election, and some of you are vulnerable, it’s going to cost you millions of dollars, to win or lose. And if you win — say you win — you’re in the minority, probably want to teach at the university. So, we get the A-team, and they get the retirements. That’s my plan.”

Pelosi said: “You cannot let your opponents characterize — mischaracterize — what you’re about.” In other words, that’s the solely owned Democrat/Republican game. Nobody needs to characterize those clowns; they’ve done a good job of it on their own.

Do you support late term and after-birth abortion? Do you support socialism? Do you advocate open borders and an enhanced path to citizenship? Do you advocate infringement and redefining of the Second Amendment? Do you advocate universal Medicare and the bankruptcy that goes with it? Do you favor AOC’s Green New Deal? Do you advocate tossing out the Constitutional provisions for an Electoral College? Do you subordinate our country’s well being to advance the myth of global climate change? Do you favor reducing our military capability? Do you favor higher taxes on the rich and higher welfare for the non-working drones? Do you advocate American sovereignty or prefer one world government? Do you believe all white males are somehow inferior bigots?

I could write these questions all day, but the point is Nancy, we do have you pretty well pegged, and we don’t like what we see. Democrats are unfit to run this country, and they pretty much understand that.

The current crop of candidates has nothing but socialist anti-American rhetoric such as: Abolish the Electoral College, expand open borders, offer free healthcare and voting rights for illegal aliens, decriminalize unlawful border crossings and marijuana, offer free college education for everyone, endorse the “Green New Deal,” abolish ICE and that’s just the start.

Democrats are the party of socialism, hate and crime.

I am not saying that Democrats can’t dream, but the result of those unreachable plans are nightmares for the American voter.

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