Pelosi Gets Snippy With Reporter Who Asks About Debt Ceiling: ‘What Are You Talking About?’

Pelosi Gets Snippy With Reporter Who Asks About Debt Ceiling: ‘What Are You Talking About?’

On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appeared to lose her patience with a reporter who asked her a question about the Democrats’ strategy for overcoming the looming debt ceiling obstacle.

Pelosi made her comments to a group of reporters outside the Capitol building.

The current strategy appears to be that Democrats want the debt ceiling suspended entirely. 

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Pelosi Gets Snippy With Reporter: ‘What Are You Talking About?’

The reporter noted that a debt limit extension bill might not advance in the Senate and then asked Pelosi, “Why get mad at members, why twist the arms of moderates, if this is not going to move anywhere?” 

Pelosi gave a long pause while staring at the reporter, then responded with “What are you talking about?” 

“We have a responsibility to lift up the full faith and credit of the United States of America, that’s what we have to do,” she added.

Pelosi said that the House would not decide what they would do or not do based on what happens in the Senate.

“These members have all voted for this last week,” Pelosi said. “So if they’re concerned about how it might be in an ad, it’s already in an ad.”

“So let us give every confidence, every step of the way, that we will do that,” Pelosi conrinued. “We cannot predicate our actions in the House on what could happen in the Senate.”

“We can when we’re coming to an agreement on a bill,” Pelosi insisted.


If Congress does not pass a new funding bill this week, the government will shutdown beginning at midnight on Friday. 

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Funding Bill In Trouble

The Political Insider reported on Pelosi’s daunting task and building friction within her party on Wednesday.

“On Tuesday, progressive members of Congress warned Democratic leaders that they will sink Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill if the Senate won’t commit to passing the larger, $3.5 trillion ‘Build Back Better’ bill that includes a massive host of new and expanded government programs,” The Political Insider wrote.

“The tension between the far-left and Democrat leaders has been building up for some time, setting up this clash. Nancy Pelosi might have reason to be worried.”


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