Lawmaker Taunts Pelosi With Legislation Making Bonuses Tax Free – Calls it the ‘Crumbs Act’

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Republiccan Rep. Todd Rokita has introduced legislation that would make bonuses, handed out by companies as a result of President Trump’s tax cut bill, tax-free.

And the Congressman couldn’t help but take a swipe at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who famously referred to these bonuses – some ranging between $2,ooo and $3,000 – as “crumbs.”

Appropriately, Rokita’s bill to make the employee bonuses tax-free has been labelled the “Creating Relief and Useful Middle-Class Benefits and Savings” Act, or CRUMBS Act for short.

“The CRUMBS Act will let Americans keep more of the money they receive as a result of President Trump’s tax reform, and allow them, not the government, to choose how best to spend their bonuses,” Rokita said in a statement.

Boom … If you loved crumbs before, Mrs. Pelosi, you might be looking at a law to remind you all about them in the future.

“There’s a cartoon that I just love,” Pelosi previously stated. “There’s a little mousetrap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there, and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class … And around it are fat cats.”

“And that’s the thing,” she added. “You get this little thing and we get this big bonanza. You get the crumb, we get the banquet.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders hammered Pelosi for referring to the bonuses as “crumbs,” citing Best Buy’s decision to give their workers bonuses.

Well over 300 companies have been handing out these thousand dollar crumbs, which have included cash money or contributions to employee retirement plans.

Hostess even managed to pull off the rare crumb trifecta, giving their workers $750 checks, a $500 contribution to their 401(k), and a year’s supply of free snacks. In other words, Hostess employees may literally be left with ‘crumbs!’

We knew Republicans would use Pelosi’s comments as campaign fodder for 2018 races. But using it in actual legislation is pure genius.

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