Pelosi Criticizes President’s Border Wall, Participates in U.S.-Mexico ‘Hug Ceremony’

While President Trump declares a national emergency to strengthen our borders and improve security for all Americans, Nancy Pelosi offered her own solution – a hugging ceremony.

The ceremony took place at a Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association event on a bridge just outside of Laredo, Texas. The House Speaker walked across the bridge and greeted a Mexican official with an “abrazo” — Spanish for “embrace.”

Senator Pelosi took to social media to declare the event, a celebration with Mexican dignitaries, was something she’ll remember “for years to come.”

According to a Hill report, the hugs shared between each country’s dignitaries symbolize “the amity and understanding between two neighboring nations.”

Pelosi shuffled her way down the path across the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge with all the exuberance of someone asked to perform a sobriety test involving a straight-line walk, delivered a hug, then exchanged flags with the representative from Mexico.

Named President

The hugfest wasn’t the only ridiculous ceremony Pelosi took part in. During the same visit to Laredo, the Speaker was named ‘honorary President‘ of the Rio Grande by Democrat mayor Pete Saenz.

During that event, Pelosi ridiculed President Trump for what she perceives as an ‘imaginary’ or ‘mythological’ crisis at the border. She alleged that border security “does not support the values of our country by building walls between countries.”

Her answer to that crisis – a crisis which is real and represents an increase in criminality, a loss of jobs for Americans, and contribution to an opioid crisis spiraling out of control – is to take part in a warm and fuzzy, make-believe hug ceremony?

What planet does she reside?

Where Do They Get These Ideas?

Emily Zanotti of the Daily Wire sarcastically notes that the display of “peace and cooperation” between the two nations would surely be “bringing a swift conclusion to the tricky, divisive issue.”

It’s reminiscent of Barack Obama sending John Kerry to France to address a horrific terrorist attack, where the Secretary of State promptly embarrassed the entire nation by dragging James Taylor along to sing ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ to the French people.

“Fear not, Americans!” Zanotti scoffed at Pelosi. “Our immigration issues, which seemed to create an almost insurmountable divide between the political parties, has been solved.”

Hug ceremonies are for people not serious about solving serious problems. Participating on its face is perfectly fine, but if you’re going to couple it with criticism of a President who is actually trying to do something about the crisis, it becomes little more than a cheap stunt.

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