Senator Patrick Leahy accused fellow Senator Lindsey Graham of only berating former Deputy AG Sally Yates because she is a woman.

Repeated Questioning From Graham

Graham, as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, interviewed Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General under Obama, about the Steele dossier that was used to justify spying on President Trump’s campaign back in 2016.

“We are talking about using a document that came from a Russian sub source to get a warrant against an American citizen that was full of garbage. Does that bother you?” Graham asked Yates, given as her role as Deputy AG, she signed off on the documents.

“Does it bother you that the FISA court rebuked the Department of Justice and the FBI regarding the Carter Page warrant application?” Graham continued, before Yates had a chance to reply to his first question. Yates had to admit that the FISA Court did not meet the “duty of candor” in this case.

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Yates Caught In Lies!

She also admitted that the document contains false information, despite allegedly not knowing that when she signed the document off, claiming that she would “not sign anything I knew to contain errors or ommissions.”

In another part of the testimony, Senator Josh Hawley caught Yates in a lie, as she previously claimed she did not read the document, but in her answers to Hawley and Graham, she said she did.

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If You’re Conservative, You’re A Bigot!

Graham’s questions to Yates were then interrupted by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy.

“Mr. Chairman, let her answer the question,” Leahy said.

“Just because it’s a woman testifying doesn’t mean she needs to be cut off,” he added, insinuating with zero evidence that Graham had some kind of misogynistic streak in him.

“Thanks a lot Sen. Leahy, I really appreciate that. You’re very constructive,” Graham hit back.

While sarcasm like this is usually inappropriate in professional settings, it was well deserved from Graham to Leahy – rudeness can’t go unacknowledged, and often needs a good slap down in return.

The accusation also follows Attorney General Bill Barr being accused of misogyny for laughing at ridiculous comments from Representative Madeleine Dean last week. No matter which side of the interview you’re on, if you’re a conservative, you’re the bigot!