Patrick Casey Performs As A Flower Girl In His Good Friend’s Wedding

This is one of those stories that you rarely see and probably won’t witness again for a long time, so soak it up.

The bride and her friend have been together since childhood. They happened to be in a wedding as young kids and that’s the backdrop of this great story.

His name is Patrick Casey and according to his Facebook, he and the bride (Andria) were together in a wedding as children where he was the ring bearer and she was the flower girl. Casey met Andria’s soon-to-be husband and they¬†became great friends. Soon after, the topic of being the flower girl at Andria’s wedding came up and the choice was made.

What makes this so special is how Casey and Andria remained friends and kept that connection, that bond, for years. They didn’t grow apart and their special friendship is something to admire.

Here are a few photos:

Source: Love What Matters Facebook

I just thought it would be a fun way to commemorate their special day–after all, I’d bet all good marriages have a lot of laughter in them, so what’s wrong with including a bit of appropriate levity in one’s wedding ceremony?

There may have been some skeptics when the ceremony started, but I think everyone was on board with the idea after I set the flower basket (the same one Andria used in the wedding we were in together as children) down at the end of the aisle, pulled out flower petals I had stocked my pockets with and threw them in the air in the style of a LeBron James powder toss. There was an ovation. I only wish I had remembered to use the flower petals I had stuffed in one of my shoes! Maybe next time. In any case, the whole thing was approved and encouraged by Andria and Jake. I never would never have taken any attention away from them if they didn’t want me to! Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’m happy I was able to be a part of/add to Andria and Jake’s wedding.

Congratulations to Andria and her new husband and a standing ovation to Mr. Casey for being that special person!

What did you think? Was it appropriate for Casey to be a flower girl? Let us know by commenting below!

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