Pastor Slams SNL Star For Calling Black White House Guests ‘House N******’, Rails Against ‘Racist Commentary Disguised As Humor’

A black pastor has fired back at “Saturday Night Live” actor Chris Redd after he mocked black leaders who visited Donald Trump’s White House last week, calling them “House negroes.”

The African American leaders attended an event on February 27 at the White House, where they prayed with President Trump. Attendees at the event included “TPUSA activist Candace Owens, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, video bloggers and Trump supporters Diamond & Silk, Pastor Darrell Scott, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, and more,” according to The Daily Caller.

On Saturday’s episode of the NBC sketch comedy show, Redd ruthlessly mocked the black leaders.

“Look at these White House negroes,” Redd said. “Who are you all praying to? The ghost of blackface past?

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“Trump has got his eyes open during a prayer like he’s trying to remember which pocket he put his wallet in,” he continued, adding, “He’s sitting there looking like the basketball from ‘Space Jam,’ just sucking all the blackness out of them. Does this look like black history to you?”

Pastor Marc Little just responded to Redd, blasting him for his “racist commentary disguised as humor.”

“Chris Redd and ‘Saturday Night Live’ don’t get to determine who is black. There’s nothing funny about a racist commentary disguised as humor,” Little said. “Pastors like me stand in front of millions of black Americans every Sunday. We work with families who share the same concerns as any other American: what schools our children attend and how much we pay for our gas and groceries.

“We stand for Christ over color,” he continued. “We stand against bigoted liberals who believe it’s wrong for others to pray for the President of the United States. They will not dictate who is deserving of prayer. God has already defined that.”

Little went on to say that black conservatives will not be bullied by “liberal elites.”

“President Trump’s policies are changing the lives of black Americans in historic ways,” he said. “Progressive policies have failed the black community, so liberal elites’ only response is unfiltered racism.”

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Liberal elites claim to be warriors against racism and sexism, but the way that they treat conservative minorities and females shows that they are actually only against these practices when leftists are the ones being targeted. Redd and “Saturday Night Live” launched an incredibly racist attack on black conservatives this past weekend, yet they are being given a free pass by the media because those on the Left don’t want to admit that black Republicans really exist.

We applaud Pastor Little for taking a stand, and for sending the message to liberals that black conservatives will not be victimized by their bullying ways any longer.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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