Palin Has BRUTAL 6-Word Message for Obama’s “Selfie” Obsessed Alaska Vacation

President Barack Obama has been busy on a taxpayer vacation to Alaska. In addition to changing the name of a mountain named after a Republican President, his goal was to show America the supposed effects of “global warming” through a series of selfies.

No one seemed to notice that his trips always require multiple airplanes, all of which burn massive amounts of carbon-based fuels.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a champion of conservative values, went on television to blast Obama for what was going on during his vanity trip. Five Chinese naval ships sailed directly into water controlled by America… coming just twelve miles from our Eastern shore!

That is scary, and a clear indication of what the world thinks of Obama’s weakness. Obama doesn’t support the military and he looks pathetic to foreign governments which would love to do harm.

Here is what Palin told Jake Tapper on CNN:

Putin right now – he’s flagging undersea our resources, claiming them as his own. What’s America doing about it? We don’t even have a seat at the table under the Law of the Sea Treaty. We’re not even participating in fighting back, putting America first and saying, no, these are our rich resources along our coast and – no, Russia, hey, you lost out, man. You sold the territory of Alaska for two cents an acre way back when. You don’t get it back. But instead, Putin is exerting power. And China is exerting power. And it all has to do with natural resources, too, with energy. They – need those, of course, to prosper – to grow their empires. America is sitting back and the president had opportunity when he was up – here taking things seriously and telling the American public what it is that Russia is doing and China is doing as they’re kind of hooking up against the US. We need – we need a president who will put America first. And like I say, president…

Then Palin lowered the boom: “Carry a big stick. Don’t carry a selfie stick.”

Apparently, Obama is too busy taking pictures in bakeries while buying cinnamon rolls and acting like he’s still on a campaign trail to notice the danger America faces in the world. This is outrageous!

Palin was also furious that Obama still found the time to rename Mt. McKinley to Denali. Palin noted she has “one niece named McKinley, another niece named Denali.” She opined, “So many things are going wrong right now that are under his purview and yet he would, you know, kind of make it a big darned deal to come up here and rename a mountain.”

Do you agree with Sarah Palin that Obama should put down the selfie stick? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think!


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  • I think she's a liberal/communist but, on occasion she gets it right!
    She's a Republican. MOST of the time I don't see it! More of a "quack" .
    She's a "hottie" Beautiful woman! Especially at 51. Just got a few to many loose threads!

    On this I agree! Obama is a complete stooge! An Alinksy socialist to be certain! A Islamic terrorist definitely!.He fiddles while America burns! He needs to be impeached, imprisoned and tried as a spy! 99% of his dictator like orders need to be repealed. ALL his appointees need to be removed! They also need to be tried as spies!

  • You bet I agree with Palin........people have been so busy dissing her because of her rather skanky daughter to even notice the amount of poise and knowledge nshe has gained in the past few years.

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