Over $300K Raised For Salon Owner Who Received Death Threats After Exposing Nancy Pelosi’s Hypocrisy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is undoubtedly not happy right now after over $300,000 was raised for the San Francisco salon owner who the lawmaker accused of setting her up.

Salon Owner Receives Support After Exposing Pelosi

Erica Kious is the eSalon owner who released surveillance footage showing Pelosi not wearing a mask while getting an illegal haircut at her business. After Pelosi said that the situation was a “set up,” Kious told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that she has received “death threats.”

The single mother of two also said that she will be forced to move her salon out of the city due to the backlash she has received, despite being based there for over a decade.

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Since then, however, Kious has been flooded with support stemming from a GoFundMe page that was created to help her. At the time of this writing, contributions amount to $327,000.

Kious Thanks The Public For Supporting Her

“I wish I could personally thank every person who sent me their prayers, words of encouragement and support, especially at a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet in their own lives,” Kious wrote and posted to the GFM page.

The salon owner added:

I am very humbled and grateful to have received such an outpouring of kindness, empathy and generosity from people I don’t even know, and from all walks of life and all sides of the political spectrum. It’s a powerful reminder that the common things that bind us all together as Americans are far more meaningful and lasting than political and ideological differences that get so much attention and focus.

Today, on Labor Day, we should all focus on celebrating the efforts and achievements of hard-working people everywhere. They deserve our respect and appreciation, and they definitely all deserve an opportunity to get back to work safely and responsibly. That is all this was ever about.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank my girls and their loving dad, and all my family and friends (especially Amy Tarkanian) for their support and understanding.

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The page was launched by Kious’ friend Amy Tarkanian, the wife of former Nevada Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian. The money that is raised will be used to “pay off any debts from the business that she is forced to shut down, expenses to relocate and reopen in a new location.”

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on September 9, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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