OUTRAGEOUS! You Won’t Believe Why This Veteran Had His Guns Confiscated!


A former police detective and Navy veteran is claiming that his rights were violated when his guns were confiscated by the state because he suffered from insomnia – and now he’s suing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo!

According to Fox News:

Donald Montgomery’s lawsuit contends that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state officials violated his Second Amendment rights when his guns were seized after a brief hospital stay for insomnia. Montgomery, a cop for 30 years and a U.S. Navy veteran, brought the lawsuit in Rochester Federal Court on Dec. 17, according to the Daily Caller. …

His troubles started when he visited a Long Island hospital in May complaining of insomnia. He was discharged with a diagnosis of “depression, insomnia” and then returned a short time later for a 48-hour stay. The lawsuit says that during that visit, staff erroneously listed him as an “involuntary admission,” triggering the SAFE Act reporting provision. Those deemed at-risk for owning guns by mental health professionals have to be reported and their names entered into a database.

The lawsuit claims Montgomery should not have been reported because he was not a threat to himself or others. The suit says a hospital psychiatrist told him “You don’t belong here” and “I don’t know why you were referred here.”

…Montgomery is demanding in his lawsuit that the state issue written notification to all individuals whose names have been collected in the SAFE Act database.

Gun grabbers are far too eager to disarm citizens. Even their “sensible” gun controls violate innocent people’s rights. The slippery slope strikes again!

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