Outrageous Transportation Costs to Taxpayers for Obama Vacations


A FOIA request by Judicial Watch has revealed that the Obama family Christmas vacation to Hawaii cost taxpayers over $3.6 million in flight costs alone.

The records were retrieved from the U.S. Department of the Air Force, and show a breakdown of 17.8 hours in the air round-trip, at a rate of $206,337.00 per hour.

The exact total comes to $3,672,798.60.

In all, the government transparency group estimates that travel expenses for the Obama family’s trips to Hawaii over the last three years have cost taxpayers a whopping $15.5 million.

Via Judicial Watch:

According to other figures obtained by Judicial Watch over the past three years, Obama Hawaii Christmas vacations have cost taxpayers $15,540,515.10 in transportation expenses alone. This includes outbound and return flight expenses in 2012 totaling $4,086,355.20. (The Secret Service provided documents for Obama’s Christmas 2012 trip to Honolulu. The grand total is $654,599.40 including $409,225.78 in hotels.)  Flight expenses for the Obamas’ Christmas vacations to Hawaii cost taxpayers $7,781,361.30.

And the Christmas 2014 flight expense of $3,672,798.60. The average American family spent $4,580 on Christmas in 2014.

The report also tallies up taxpayer costs for other trips taken by the Obama family – Over $400,000 for a Martha’s Vineyard jaunt in August of 2014, and another $2.4 million for a west coast fundraising trip.

The west coast fundraiser received heavy criticism due to ongoing international and domestic crises at the time, not to mention the burden on American taxpayers for Democrat fundraising efforts.

The Obama’s however, never let a little thing like expense to the taxpayer stand in their way of having a good time.

The Washington Examiner reported recently that the First family has spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on such things as an Aspen ski trip, or a weekend golf outing in Palm Springs.

And there’s more on the horizon:

As the first lady readies for a trip to Japan and Cambodia this month, Secrets calculated that the first family has racked up 38 holidays, working vacations, and fun trips like a date night in New York. They are on par to take at least 45 holidays before leaving office.

Of course, that’s just an average estimate. Expect the Obama family to really stick it to the American taxpayer as they head out the door, clinging bitterly to their final days of vacationing at taxpayer expense.

Billing the American taxpayer millions for personal family vacations while record numbers of individuals drop out of the work force and onto government welfare programs- are you not outraged yet? Tell us below.

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