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JUST IN: Orlando Terrorist Connected To THIS Infamous Anti-American Jihadist!!

blind shiekh omar mateen 01

While liberals continue to blame Christians for the acts of a crazed evil Democrat Muslim gay terrorist, authorities are now connecting him to one of the worst terrorists in America’s history.

Andrew McCarthy, the former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted that terrorist explains at National Review:

According to Fox News, Omar Mateen, the jihadist who carried out the mass-murder attack at a gay nightclub in Florida this weekend, was a student of Marcus Robertson, an Orlando-based radical Muslim who once served as a bodyguard to Omar Abdel Rahman — the notorious “Blind Sheikh” whom I prosecuted for terrorism crimes in the early to mid 1990s.

Robertson, a former U.S. marine with a serious criminal record, is now 47. That means he was in his early twenties when the Blind Sheikh lived in the New York metropolitan area. It was a commonplace in those days for the Sheikh to travel with an entourage, including bodyguards from various groups (e.g., his fellow native Egyptians, Palestinians associated with Hamas, Sudanese Muslims who lived in New Jersey, and — often in Brooklyn, where he frequented the Farooq and Taqua mosques — African-American Muslims, most of them converts to Islam).

In the spring of 1993, members of the Blind Sheikh’s cell were plotting to follow up the February 26 World Trade Center bombing with simultaneous bombings of several New York City landmarks (including the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, the U.N.’s headquarters, and the FBI’s lower-Manhattan field office).

After serving only four years in prison, Marcus Robertson ended up in Orlando, and Omar Mateen ended up in his tutelage:

Omar Mateen, the terrorist who killed 49 people and wounded over 50 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando over the weekend, had enrolled in Robertson’s seminary. At least one other student of Robertson’s has been convicted (along with Robertson) in a case that had terrorism implications. Robertson’s lectures are said to include a staple of sharia: the condemnation of homosexuals — whom Robertson refers to as “devil worshipers.”

The government suspects — with abundant reason, it appears — that Robertson’s prominence in the mosque, the online seminary, and the teaching circuit have given him ample opportunity to radicalize young Muslim men: not only indoctrinating them in sharia-supremacist ideology but also possibly providing them with paramilitary training.

The entire story is engrossing and frightening – despite this connection to the Blind Sheikh, the FBI let this terrorist through their grasp after investigating him TWICE!!

Instead of focusing on this threat, the media is scouring America to find the ONE example of a Christian pastor who praised the killings, and making sure everyone knows about that ONE guy:

Unbelievable. It’s no wonder Americans are sitting ducks for terrorism with this kind of idiotic journalism out there.

What do you think? Is the media trying to hide the terrorist’s connections to Islam? Let us know in the comments section below!!