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After Orlando, Megyn Kelly Just Exposed Obama With This VIDEO!


In Orlando, Florida, 49 innocent Americans were senselessly shot to death by an Islamic terrorist. It was the largest attack on American soil since 9/11.

But even after that tragic event, President Barack Obama claims the Islamic State (ISIS) isn’t a threat to Americans.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has had enough of this lie, and she compiled an amazing video which contrasts Obama’s statements on Islamic terrorism with CIA director John Brennan. Brennan, has a top official in national security, knows that ISIS is a very serious threat.

In one clip, Obama announces, “We are making significant progress.” Then, it shows Brennan testifying to Congress and stating, “Despite all our progress against ISIL … our efforts have not engaged the group’s terrorism capabilities and global reach.”

The contrast between these many clips truly expose just how often Obama is lying to the American people. This is shocking!

via The Kelly File

Clearly, ISIS has become a greater threat around the world since Obama has been in the White House. We need a leader who can actually say the words “Islamic terrorism” and is willing to confront the enemy wherever they are. The families of victims in the Orlando attack deserve the truth, but Obama refuses to provide it.

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