Opponents Of Critical Race Theory In Schools Win Big In Texas Vote

Opponents Of Critical Race Theory In Education Win Big In Texas Vote

NBC News reported late Sunday that in an election in Southlake, Texas, which is 30 miles outside of Dallas, opponents of so-called Critical Race Theory scored a big victory.

The outlet reported that “Nine months after officials in the affluent Carroll Independent School District introduced a proposal to combat racial and cultural intolerance in schools, voters delivered a resounding victory Saturday to a slate of school board and City Council candidates who opposed the plan.”

It should be noted that what is being framed as “a proposal to combat racial and cultural intolerance in schools” is a left agenda item known as Critical Race Theory, a radical philosophy that is now being pushed by the Biden administration. 

‘So Goes Southlake, So Goes The Rest Of America’

“Candidates in the city of Southlake were split between two camps: those who supported new diversity and inclusion training requirements for Carroll students and teachers and those backed by a political action committee that was formed last year to defeat the plan,” NBC News reported.

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Progressives argued that the proposed curriculum and would make students make feel safer and more comfortable in Carroll. Conservatives opponents of the curriculum argued that it would indoctrinate students in far-left ideology and identity politics. 

Those arguing on both sides described the election as a “fork in the road” for Southlake.

“So goes Southlake, so goes the rest of America,” declared a local conservative pundit.

The vote was decisive, for which way Southlake went, if not the country as a whole.

Voter Turnout Up Huge

“In the end, the contest was not close,” NBC News reported. “Candidates backed by the conservative Southlake Families PAC, which has raised more than $200,000 since last summer, won every race by about 70 percent to 30 percent, including those for two school board positions, two City Council seats and mayor.”

The news outlet also noted that “More than 9,000 voters cast ballots, three times as many as in similar contests in the past.”

Prominent Southlake lawyer, Hannah Smith, who clerked for Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, beat back Ed Hernandez, a business consultant, to win a seat on the Carroll school board.

Smith, who is white, told NBC that the election “was a referendum on those who put personal politics and divisive philosophies ahead of Carroll ISD students and families, and their common American heritage and Texas values.”

“The voters have come together in record-breaking numbers to restore unity,” Smith said.

“By a landslide vote, they don’t want racially divisive critical race theory taught to their children or forced on their teachers,” Smith added. “Voters agreed with my positive vision of our community and its future.”

Opinion writer Kerry McDonald, writing at the libertarian-leaning Foundation for Economic Education, recently described Critical Race Theory as follows.

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What Is Critical Race Theory?

“We should absolutely celebrate diversity, show tolerance for difference, and acknowledge the deeply racist parts of American history, including government-sponsored racism through Jim Crow laws and redlining,” McDonald wrote. “We should also recognize that racism still exists today.”

“But Critical Race Theory seeks to view all social and cultural issues through the lens of race and racial identity, and to cast all human relations in terms of power structures related to that identity,” she added.

“It is a collectivist notion that puts the group above the individual and pigeonholes people as either oppressor or oppressed,” McDonald finished.

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