We’ve heard of people switching political parties before, but we’ve never seen anything like this.

A dying man made a shocking announcement to his friends just before he moved on to a better place.

His reasoning will leave you shocked!

He Became a Democrat on His Deathbed

On his deathbed, a lifelong Republican supporter suddenly announced that he was switching parties and becoming a Democrat.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” his friend said.

“For your entire life you’re been a staunch Republican,” he added. “Why would you want to become a Democrat now?”

“Because I’d rather it was one of them that dies than one of us.”

H/T: Humoropedia

Hooboy, that is brutal!

The good news is that by switching parties to become a Democrat, the man will still be able to vote for many years to come.

Get it? Because Democrats tend to keep dead people on their voting rolls. See what we did there?

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