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Old Scandal Resurfacing for Hillary Clinton – The Worst News Possible for Her Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

“Whitewater” is a term that younger Americans probably don’t remember. And Hillary Clinton was counting on it staying that way.

But for watchers of the Clinton White House, it was a property investment scandal dating back to the first days of Bill’s first term in office. And now, it’s back and setting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s White House dreams on fire.

The Clinton library is going to be releasing documents, which include the once sealed Whitewater files. They will be included in a new book by Robert Fiske, the former U.S. attorney who was the first independent counsel in charge of the Whitewater investigation, who is ready to blow the lid off of the Clinton’s shady financial dealings which led them on the path to their extraordinary wealth.

Fiske rightly holds a grudge, because he was so tough on the Clintons that they found a way to wrongly accuse him of a coverup. He was subsequently replaced by Kenneth Starr, who is now the Dean of Pepperdine’s law school.

Watch (above) as Fiske is interviewed by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff (political observers will note Isikoff is also an expert at Clinton scandals, and had the story about Bill’s affairs with Monica Lewinsky months before conservative internet icon Matt Drudge had it… But his liberal editors spiked the story.)

Appointed by Janet Reno in January 1994, Fiske describes how he moved aggressively from the start, carving out a wide-ranging mandate and hiring a top-flight staff of veteran prosecutors. One of his first moves was to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s law firm billing records — documents that were later found under mysterious circumstances in the White House living quarters.

By the summer of 1994, Fiske says, he was preparing to bring eight indictments against 11 defendants, including criminal charges for fraud against Jim and Susan McDougal (the Clintons’ Whitewater business partners), Webster Hubbell (then an associate attorney general and formerly Hillary Clinton’s law partner) and Jim Guy Tucker (Clinton’s successor as governor of Arkansas).

A key witness in these cases was David Hale, a former municipal judge and the owner of a federally subsidized small-business lending company. It was Hale who had made the most serious allegation against Bill Clinton: Hale had claimed that Clinton, while Arkansas governor, had pressured him to make a fraudulent $300,000 federally backed loan to a marketing company owned by Susan McDougal that was really intended to pay off the two couples’ debts in their Whitewater real estate investment. (“My name can’t show up on this,” Hale claimed Clinton had told him, an account that President Clinton later denied.)

Defenders of the Clintons have long depicted Hale as an inveterate liar who was put up to his allegations by bitter political enemies of the then president and first lady.

Via Yahoo News

Supporters of Hillary Clinton have the impossible task of defending her against countless numbers of high-profile scandals. No normal person would have been able to arrange for the investment in Whitewater properties located in the Ozark Mountains, nor get away with taking massive (and illegal) tax write-offs from the losses later assumed. It was a criminal enterprise, and their business partner, developer Jim McDougal, died while serving his sentence for his part in these Clinton-orchestrated crimes.

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