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Tragedy: Young Police Officer Gunned Down On First Shift

Prince William County cop shot

The War On Cops continues.

This time, the latest victim is a young police officer from Prince William County, Virginia on her very first shift!
Read the story here.

A US police officer has been shot and killed on her first day at work, the day after she was sworn in.
Ashley Guindon had been responding to a domestic dispute in Woodbridge, Virginia, about 32 km (20 miles) south of Washington, DC.
Two of her colleagues were also injured in the shooting and are in hospital, but no details have been released about their condition.
The suspect, a military serviceman, was unharmed and is now in police custody.
The suspect killed his wife then opened fire on officers as they approached, a police official told the AP news agency.
There was also a child in the house at the time of the incident, he said.

Prayers for Officer Guindon’s family.