Obama’s VA Secretary Thought Nobody Was Going To Call When He Gave Out His Cell Phone Number

You would think America knows not to trust anyone from the Obama administration, and that means everyone.

You’ve seen speakers on television get caught up in the moment they are in trouble and give out their email or telephone number, so it looks like they are passionate to get the job done. Well President Barack Obama’s Veterans Administration Secretary Robert McDonald bombed this time.

According to Fox News:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald has made a point of giving out his personal contact information, to show how accessible he is as he works to overhaul the embattled agency.

But the bid backfired Thursday, after he urged one famous veteran dealing with poor treatment to contact him. When “Fox & Friends” tried his number, they reached his voicemail — and got a message to call back later as his voicemail was “full.”

Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill previously had told Fox News’ Steve Doocy about the poor treatment he suffered during a recent trip to a VA center.

O’Neill – who claims responsibility for killing Usama bin Laden – told Doocy he went in for an MRI, and had his wallet stolen.

“It is like walking into a homeless shelter,” O’Neill said.

McDonald is a peacetime veteran and has never been in a combat situation.

He is supposed to understand the disabled veteran? He was fired from his job as CEO, and Obama saw something in him that his board of directors failed to see. This job is beyond his capabilities. He feels that there are fewer unemployed veterans than there are in the general population. Mr. McDonald should have listened in Econ 101. The unemployment statistic reflects those applying for unemployment benefits only. To apply, you must have an address where you can receive mail. There are over 50,000 homeless veterans that cannot be accounted for in these statistics.

Nothing will be done to correct this now, or ever. Too many politicians will fall if their participation in the problems at the VA is ever exposed. Politicians exercise tremendous control over the hiring process at all federal agencies.

The percentage of veterans working at the VA is only significant at the bottom of the employee scale. Very few at the upper level.

Watch this disgusting video:

After you watched this story and listened to the video, what are your thoughts? This it a total fail! Share your comments below and make sure your friends see this travesty!

Wayne Dupree

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  • Sorry, I DID call and I DID receive a call back from McDonald himself, and within two days after I received my call back, my problem is solved. And the VA hospital where I receive my treatment was majorly shaken up. The Director was reassigned and put on probation. The Chief of Staff and the Patient Rep were also put on probation. The head pharmacist was demoted to assistant and put on probation. And so far I have had more phone calls from the VA hospital where I receive my treatment on this case, then I have had from any other case I have had over there in the last 10 years. They seem to be afraid of me right now. The problem I had was that the VA doctors would issue me a prescription, and the VA pharmacist would refuse to fill it. Now even when he was informed that this was practicing medicine without a license, he still refused to fill it. And when he was warned a second time that this was also considered a federal felony since it was on a government reservation, he STILL refused to fill it. And even when two US Senators and a US Congressman contacted him about this he STILL refused to fill it. Only after he received a direct phone call from the VA Sec McDonald, did it hit him that he could not do this and stay out of prison if I chose to file charges. Then everything changed 180 degrees and now its "yes SIR, what can we do for you SIR?" whenever I walk into the place.

    For me I am thankful I was able to get the phone number and email as I had went to the patient rep and was badly disrespected, went to the Chief of Staff and could not even get hold of him as his phone would tell me he was not in his office and would not accept messages, same response from the Hospital directors office. Contacted the Regional office and never received a phone call back. Contacted their boss at VISN 11 and was never contacted back. SO what else was I suppose to do except contact McDonald? If I didnt have the medication then I easily could have developed strombosis of the arteries and could have very well of died from it. So you may think this is a joke, but that number actually saved my life!

    Daniel Gray US Military retired
    100% service connected disabled Veteran

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