Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity as Secretary of State was so bad… Obama’s State Department just turned on their former boss!

A bombshell new report shows how State Department investigators officially issued subpoenas to the Clinton Foundation to retrieve details about the so-called “charity projects” they were involved in that would require federal approval.

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Issued last fall and just made public, the subpoena wanted to know details about long-time Hillary operative Huma Abedin, who was a State Department employee while simultaneously working for the Clinton’s personal office and as a consultant.

There is no indication that the watchdog is looking at Clinton. But as she runs for president in part by promoting her leadership of the State Department, an inquiry involving a top aide and the relationship between her agency and her family’s charity could further complicate her campaign.

For months, Clinton has wrangled with controversy over her use of a private email server, which has sparked a separate investigation by the same State Department inspector general’s office. There is also an FBI investigation into whether her system compromised national security.

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Abedin was so deep into the criminal activity that the once highly-visible Clinton associate is now completely invisible on the presidential campaign trail:

Abedin has been a visible part of Hillary Clinton’s world since she served as an intern in the 1990s for the then-first lady while attending George Washington University. On the campaign trail, Clinton is rarely seen in public without Abedin somewhere nearby.

Republican lawmakers have alleged that foreign officials and other powerful interests with business before the U.S. government gave large donations to the Clinton Foundation to curry favor with a sitting secretary of state and a potential future president.

Via The Washington Post

This is a big deal, as it’s clear the State Department bureaucracy was so worried about Hillary Clinton’s criminal fundraising practices from foreign governments that they were busy conducting their own investigation last year.

This is a new detail that gives us a better picture of just how corrupt Hillary Clinton is, and this is the last bit of news Hillary wants leaked out during the ongoing FBI investigation.

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