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Obama’s Daughters CAUGHT Doing Something Shocking In CUBA!! – Breaking News

obama cuba

After being exposed by the media for wearing two dresses valued at $20,000 for a state dinner with the Canadian Prime Minister, something unusual was noted about what the Obama daughters were wearing in Communist Cuba.

First Daughter Sasha Obama picked a $385 dress for events in Cuba… a lower price, but definitely still high to wear in a 3rd world nation which has been devastated by poverty and an oppressive political regime. Malia Obama’s dress was about $50, which is a “more reasonable” price.

This gives you an idea of how President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have no concept of the value of money. If Obama only earned his former Senate salary, would he be buying dresses worth so much?

The Obamas are so detached from the real concerns of hard working Americans that they still thought it was appropriate for Michelle Obama to spend a shocking $6,680 on two dresses. Outrageous!

When the president and his family landed in Cuba Sunday, the first lady descended Air Force One wearing a sleeveless, rose-print dress made by designer Carolina Herrera. The dress is currently sold for $2,190 at Bergdorf Goodman, an upscale department store.

Later, on Monday evening, Obama dressed in a floral, knee-length dress from designer Naeem Khan to attend the state dinner at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba. A similar frock from Naeem Khan, a Barack Obama donor, available in the designer’s pre-fall 2016 collection costs $4,490.

obama cuba

obama cuba

Of course, taxpayers pay for the Obama’s clothing. We need them out of the White House immediately… They are an embarrassment!

What do you think about the Obama’s daughters and Michelle spending so much on clothing? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.