White Powder Sent to Obama’s Office in Washington, D.C.

Breaking news out of Washington, D.C. where we’re just learning that a batch of mysterious white powder was mailed to an office associated with former President Barack Obama. Police are currently on the scene, and there have been no reported injuries.

A local Fox affiliate has the details:

D.C. Police are on the scene at former President Obama’s D.C. office after reports of a white powdery substance being found.

The incident was reported around 12:30 p.m. at 1250 24th Street in Northwest, D.C. The former president has leased office space at the building since leaving office in January 2017. The building is owned and is headquarters to non-profit World Wildlife Fund.

The Obama family lives in D.C.’s  Kalorama neighborhood which is near the office. It is unclear if the former president was in the office when the incident was reported.

Wow. That’s really scary! What makes it worse is that this is the second white powder attack on a high-profile individual in two days.

Yesterday, a mysterious batch of white powder was mailed to the home of Donald Trump Jr., son of the President. His wife Vanessa opened the package and had to be immediately rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident.

What a sick, sad world we live in where people air their political disagreements by trying to harm others, or, in this case, scare them. Mailing a bag of white powder to a person isn’t a prank, it’s a crime. Whoever did it should go to jail.

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