Barack Obama Spotted Having Intimate Dinner With Canadian Leader

Ever since Barack Obama left office in January the failed former president has been traveling around the world, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to push his liberal agenda.

Unlike his predecessors, Obama has not given President Trump the courtesy of keeping his mouth shut, and has made it clear he plans to be very much involved in politics going forward.

In addition to his multiple post-presidency speeches, Obama recently sat down with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for what many are describing as an intimate meal for two.

Obama Trudeau

From Heat Street:

Tuesday night, Obama was spotted dining out with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, just hours after Trudeau flouted current President Donald Trump with a NATO plan that suggests the international community simply wait out the current President to make any changes.

Trudeau and Obama bro-ed out, sharing laughs, hugging, and ordering top notch cuisine at one of Montreal’s hottest restaurants, Liverpool House. The two reportedly noshed on the restaurant’s famous oysters, steak and lobster spaghetti,  topped off by strawberry shortcake—how adorable.

Barack’s intimate dinner with Justin isn’t the former President’s first suspiciously timed foreign meeting, though. Since Trump has been in office, Obama’s been quietly following the current President’s schedule—taking meetings, meeting with foreign leaders, and giving policy speeches, often in the same city (or closely following) President Trump, like a weird, shadowy figure.

Obama timed his trip to Europe to coincide with Trump’s first official state visit, which included a stop in Italy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, as Trump was hanging with the Pope, Obama was meeting with Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Just days before Trump was due at a NATO summit. Obama was palling around with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (who ended up being Trump’s major foil on international affairs), and giving a speech to thousands of onlookers in Berlin.

Rather than simply disappear into obscurity, Barack Obama seems to think he is still president, undermining President Trump every chance he has. Obama’s frequent appearances with foreign leaders makes it clear he has no interest in allowing President Trump to promote his agenda around the world.

At the same time, it is extremely creepy that Obama is essentially forming a bromance with the Canadian Prime Minister. It’s time for us to ask just what Obama is up to.

If the situation were reversed and George W. Bush was spotted having lunch with foreign leaders while Obama was in office, it would be almost certain that the media would viciously condemn the meeting. If a former Republican president were spotted dining with world leaders while a Democrat was in the White House the left would accuse that individual of trying to undermine the current administration.

Obama will never receive such criticism.

Do you find Obama’s post-presidential activities weird? Share your thoughts below! 

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