Obama Slams “Politician” Elizabeth Warren on Pacific Trade Deal

The feud between President Obama and Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren moved into overdrive during a Yahoo News interview, when the president rejected her recent warnings about a long-sought trade deal and declared, “Elizabeth is a politician just like everybody else.”

Both Warren and Obama have been sparring amid an internal Democrat battle over Obama’s trade push.

The administration wants Congress to give the president so-called “fast-track” authority, which would ease the ability of the president to secure trade pacts – in this case, a major agreement with Pacific nations called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Warren’s argument is centered around the idea that by giving Obama this new authority, it would open the door for a future administration to strike a deal rolling back provisions of the landmark 2010 financial industry regulatory overhaul.

The simple fact that he is so overtly angered shows that Warren is probably correct. In his comments he admits that politicians routinely lie, just like he does. Even those in his own party will speak up about his off-based decisions, but only for their own needs.

Republicans also are leery of Obama’s direction on this China Trade Deal and accused Obama of overstepping his authority. Watch this video:

Someone should create a petition to ask for all the hidden details of the trade deal to the public and let a few million people sign it. So far, we’re getting none of Obama’s promised complete administration transparency.

Why all the lying and misleading and not informing the American people if the trade deal is so great?

What I generally find is that if someone is keeping a secret, it’s because it won’t stand up to the light of day shining on it? Why are you hiding the truth again Obama? Who is pulling your strings? Special interest without the interests of the American people?

But then again, all Obama has to do is smile and discount dissenters in front of the camera and it all goes away. Typical.

H/T: Yahoo News, Fox News

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