Barack Obama Blasts President Trump in Paris Speech – ‘We Have A Temporary Absence Of American Leadership’

In February, both former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama signed a massive book deal, worth approximately $60 million, and Barack has already been out on the speaking tour, following in the footsteps of the Clintons. The Clintons have racked up $153 million in speaking fees since Bill left the White House, and Obama is already bringing in big money. He’s given a few Wall Street speeches for a cool $500k a piece (from an industry he bashed during the presidency, nonetheless), and $3 million for a speech in Milan.

Last weekend, he embarked on a five-day trip to China, India, and France. He had meetings with a number of foreign leaders, and gave speeches as well. During one speech in Paris, where he discussed climate change, he also saw fit to take a dig at President Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Wire, “Obama said there is a ‘temporary absence of American leadership’ when it comes to tackling climate change. ‘I grant you that at the moment we have a temporary absence of American leadership on the issue,’ the former president said, drawing laughter from French former ministers and CEOs at the invitations-only event, which was closed to the press.”

It’s a good thing that Trump did withdrawal from the Paris climate accords by the way. Such climate agreements are always presented to the public as simple measures to protect the planet, without any mention of the costs. According to the Cato Institute, “the Paris climate treaty is climatically insignificant. The EPA’s own models show it would only lower global warming by an inconsequential two-tenths of a degree Celsius by 2100. The cost to the U.S.—in the form of required payments of $100 billion per year from the developed to the developing world—is too great for the inconsequential results. ”

And what if the nations we’re effectively subsidizing don’t meet their climate targets? Simple: They can simply revise their goals downward with no consequences! The agreement is non-binding, but the payments certainly are not.

I just can’t wait to see what Trump has to tweet out in response.

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