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Gold Star Mom Says She Was OUTRAGED When Obama DID THIS To Caskets Of Fallen Warriors…

Obama military

Trump’s childish outbursts about the Gold Star Khan family has allowed the media the perfect excuse to obsess over the story that is killing his campaign, but one Gold Star mom relates a much worse story – about OBAMA!

Karen Vaughn talked about it while on CNN today:


According to her, Obama DEFIED 30 Gold Star families who specifically told him NOT to use the occasion as a photo opportunity and not make it a media event. Days later, she says that the families were angered by pictures and video showing him “honoring” the fallen warriors, by dishonoring the wishes of the family.

Pretty despicable.

I was able to find this example of the pictures she was talking about at the Guardian from 2009:

obama salutes dover air force base

Doesn’t he look “noble” and “respectful”? Well now you know the real story behind that picture, and how Obama completely dishonored Gold Star families in order to self-aggrandize.

Here’s what the media would rather obsess about:

And we know why – because it helps Hillary. If only Trump would stop talking about it maybe it’d be easier to move on…

What do you think? Did Obama insult Gold Star families by making a photo op of their fallen warriors? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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