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Obama Family Rumored to Be in the Market for Expensive Martha’s Vineyard Property

President Barack Obama spent eight years warning about the supposed threat of man-made global warming, which included massive and catastrophic rising sea levels. Conservative Republicans and President Donald Trump, we were told, are on the “wrong side of history” when it comes to climate change.

But the Obama family’s actions speak louder than words. And what the Obamas just did contradicts all their talk about climate change.

The Boston Globe reports the former first family is ready to spend tens of millions of dollars on a property right along that same ocean line we were warned about. Realtors aren’t sharing details yet, but the rumor is that they are purchasing a luxurious location in Martha’s Vineyard, along with other expensive, less-populated regions to the north.

Considering Obama never held a real job in his life, this is an extraordinary move:

Word around the island is that the Obamas, who’ve rented a place on the Vineyard for the past several summers, are looking to buy. The former first family has many friends on Martha’s Vineyard — Harvard professors Henry Louis “Skip” Gates and Charles Ogletree, and former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, to name just a few — and they would like to own a place of their own on the island.

The 44th president and his wife, Michelle, are believed to be focused “up island,” looking at homes or buildable lots in the rural communities of Aquinnah, Chilmark, and West Tisbury. (It’s worth noting that the Obamas have always rented “up island,” including for a two-week stay this summer.)

No one’s talking, least of all realtors, but we’re told that one property that may be getting a long look is a magnificent waterfront outpost in Aquinnah owned by Caroline Kennedy and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg. A few years ago, the couple, who inherited from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis the 377-acre Red Gate Farm overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, subdivided the property and put two parcels on the market.

Both are still available — but they don’t come cheap. Sotheby’s International Realty and Hancock Real Estate in Chilmark are listing a 75-acre parcel for $15 million, and a second 40-acre parcel for $12 million. The descriptions for each read like something out of a fairytale: “The vast acreage and exquisite dune-fringed sands give the sense of a world apart in an idyllic landscape which has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. Perched on a southwest-facing ridge, the potential homesite commands glorious views to the ocean’s brilliant blue waters and sunsets in the midst of this sublime seaside paradise of pastoral coastal heathlands and high dunes.”

And as shown by real estate websites, the property would be the exact wrong place to buy a home if you believe Al Gore’s predictions about rising sea levels:

The lots, such as the one shown above, cost approximately $15 million… and that’s just the cost before any home is built. The luxurious properties must be built to withstand erosion of land and require unique painting to avoid damage due to the surrounding salt water. And none of that includes serious issues involving licensing, zoning, permits, and ground preparation.

Another reason to laugh at the Obamas is they may be building on top of land that was stolen from Native Americans!

“The Obamas need to check all permits, and [see] if their land can be subdivided, and if it’s on Wampanoag land,” says Julianne Kavoussi, who has owned a home in the Edgartown part of the Vineyard for 20 years. The Wampanoag are Native American people who, she says, own a good portion of Aquinnah.

It wasn’t long ago that we learned Al Gore’s house uses 34 times the amount of energy used by the average American household. Now, the Obamas are being the hypocrites we always knew they were.

What do you think about the Obama family’s plans to build a home in upscale Martha’s Vineyard? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.