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Obama Makes Announcement About Trans Bathrooms – This TX Teacher Has Brutal Response! BREAKING NEWS

transgender bathroom

President Barack Obama is continuing to shred the Constitution and act like a tyrant. Now, he has announced that all public schools must allow “transgenders” to use any bathroom they choose, or lose Federal funding.

But Texas just said, “Hell no!”

First, the Superintendent of Porch Neches-Groves in Texas, Rodney Cavness, told local media that he will not tolerate the mixing of women and men in the schools’ restrooms, because it’s a serious safety issue:

“I got news for President Barack Obama. He ain’t my President and he can’t tell me what to do. That letter (to be released to all public schools tomorrow) is going straight to the paper shredder. I have 5 daughters myself and I have 2,500 girls in my protection. Their moms and dads expect me to protect them. And that is what I am going to do. Now I don’t want them bullied… but there are accommodations that can be made short of this. He (President Obama) is destroying the very fiber of this country. He is not a leader. He is a failure.”

Texas’ top political leaders agree with Superintendent Cavness, and just announced they will not obey Obama’s bathroom mandate:

A top Texas official said the state will not yield to “blackmail” from President Barack Obama, after the administration on Friday released a directive notifying public school officials that transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom and locker room facilities corresponding with their gender identity.
“I believe it is the biggest issue facing families and schools in America since prayer was taken out of public schools,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told reporters.

Obama’s policy “will divide the country not along political lines but along family values and school districts,” Patrick said.

Obama ignores the 10th Amendment, which reserves this question of public safety to the states. Clearly, Texas takes liberty and public safety seriously, which is why they won’t be going along with this dangerous plan to allow men into the ladies’ restroom.

Thank you Texas for standing up to Obama and Washington, D.C. for tramping on state’s rights! This has happened for too long, and Obama has gone too far.

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