Who the hell does Obama think he is calling Trump a liar?

The former President’s much-celebrated speech in Africa actually contained a few good messages. At one point, Obama, who triumphed in his presidential election through the deft use of identity politics, decried separating people based on the color of their skin or their gender. Take a look:

Now, can you imagine if he talked more like that throughout his presidential terms? We’d have a way more peaceful country when it comes to race.

Of course, during the speech, Obama couldn’t help indulging in the cult of personality that surrounds him. Not only did he brag about his own wealth in a country known for extreme poverty (RELATED: While Speaking in Africa, Obama Brags That He’s Too Wealthy – VIDEO), he also took a swipe at President Trump, violating normal presidential decorum. Here’s what he said:

Gee, whom do you think he’s referring to? Certainly not the current occupant of the White House who wages a daily war with the press over the truth, that’s for sure.

But seriously, Obama prides himself on being a rhetorical master, yet his lack of subtlety here is pathetic. Everyone and their mother and father and grandmother knows he’s referring to President Trump. And that makes it all the worse. Not only was Obama notorious for lying while in office, he also spouted plenty of whoppers while running for president.

Everyone remember this blatant lie?

Obamacare, of course, ended a lot of health plans, cutting off patients from their preferred doctors. The lie was so bad that The Washington Post, a paper that wrestled daily with its own love affair with Obama, gave him 4 Pinocchios. I’m sure the White House was devastated by the verdict.

There was also the issue of marriage, which Obama endorsed the traditional version of while running for president in 2008 (he cynically reversed course in 2012 for political expediency). Obama’s former political strategist David Axelrod revealed in his 2015 book “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics” that Obama knowingly misled the electorate on his views on marriage in order to get elected. When Obama first ran for president, he really was in favor of same-sex marriage, despite his language on the campaign trail.  “I’m just not very good at bullshitting,” Obama told Axelrod, downplaying his own talent for duplicity.

Then there was the disgusting politicization of a funeral for fallen police officers. During his quasi-eulogy, Obama slipped in a quip about gun control that was a bald-faced lie:

“It’s easier for a teenager to get his hands on a Glock than a computer…or even a book,” Obama said, seemingly infatuated with his own stinging comparison to bother to fact-check the claim. Let’s be clear: nobody smarter than a box of push pins believes a child can get a hold of a gun easier than a book. Nobody. Period. As Sean Davis of the Federalist points out, it’s illegal for minors to own guns. Additionally, 87% of teenagers reportedly own a laptop, or have access to one. Only one-third of households (reportedly) have guns in America. Just by the numbers alone, Obama is wrong. But that doesn’t stop him from using hyperbolic flourish to get his supporters riled up.

Rusty Weiss, The Political Insider’s snarker-in-chief, summed up Obama’s streak of lies pretty well:

Don’t expect liberals to find any irony in Obama’s lofty words about facts and the truth. They’ll repeat them ad nauseam in order to make Trump look bad.

Obama’s a liar because he’s a politician. He was never any better or more honest than any other president. But, like the deceptive man he is, even he won’t accept that truth.